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The Golf Guard travel case is ideal if you want to give your golf clubs 100% protection when travelling on planes.

The Golf Guard has excellent storage space and can include a big golf bag and shoes plus accessories very easily.

Protection for the clubs is excellent due to the hard casing, although it may present a challenge getting it into a small car boot.

The carry handle and built in wheels mean that the Golf Guard is very easy to move around.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:

Golf Guard Hard Case Golf Bag - Product Details

Bag TypesTravel
Bag Width9 inches
Colour Options: Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteGolf Guard Website

User Reviews

May 2005

I have had two Golf Guard golf travel cases for over 5 years and they are still going strong. With the way luggage gets treated on planes I wanted something that gave full protection and this is certainly it. When I got my Golf Guard travel case they were around £90 which I thought was a lot, but they have done the job well. Apart from a wheel getting knocked off on one journey (got replaced by the airline) everything has been fine. It has loads of space for extras and you can even fit one bag with two sets and fit in a squashed pencil bag to save taking two. Only problem with the Golf Guard is that it is a large rigid case, so make sure your car from the airport can fit it!

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