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Callaway's golf bag collection for 2023, like every other golf gear line-up they produce, is a very comprehensive one.

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

In this review I will be taking a closer look at the headline carry bag in the line-up - the Callaway Fairway C HD.

This new offering is said to be a sleek and stylish compact stand bag featuring a waterproof construction, that will accommodate a golfer's essentials while keeping the elements out.

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

The Tech

To ensure that you're covered out on the golf course, this bag is well equipped with the latest technology from Callaway's experts.

Weighing in at 4lbs, the Fairway C HD boasts a number of key new features:

  • Multi-layer waterproof construction with seam sealed zippers
  • Lightweight 4-way divider
  • 5 pockets
  • Metal zip pulls
  • Alloy towel ring
  • Quick clip strap system
  • Opti-fit comfort strap

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

Callaway Fairway C HD Stand Bag Review


I reviewed the Fairway C HD in the black camo and royal blue colourway and from a distance, it just looks like the standard black carry bag with some blue flashes around the zips.

On closer inspection you can see the grey and black camouflage pattern which gives the exterior of the bag a very modern twist, making it stand out a little from the crowd. Some golfers are going to love this, I however thought it was a little unnecessary. Having looked closer at other colour options in the range, I really like the look of the gold and fire red colour without the camouflage pattern.

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

Apart from that the overall design works nicely - everything seems to be as you'd want it with the pockets not being too bulky and the overall package being quite sleek. I really like the contrast blue divider against the black - this was a great touch.


With this being a carry bag - I think it's important to start with the folding legs, which were great quality. The system worked really nicely and the legs flicked out consistently creating a solid base for the bag, even on a blustery day of testing.

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

I was also impressed by the new multi-layer waterproof construction that formed the outer shell of the bag - being caught in two heavy downpours in testing, the bag more than stood up to the test of keeping my belongings and clubs dry and ready to use.

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

The new metal zips and seam-sealed zippers were a great combo too, adding to the overall high build quality of the bag. There is nothing worse than a faulty or poor quality zip on a golf bag, but Callaway has you covered here.

Following on from that however, an area that I was disappointed was the pockets on the Fairway C HD. Although as I mentioned earlier I thought they looked smart - I couldn't help think they were really poorly thought out from a golfers point of view.

For instance, the valuables pocket integrated into the main right pocket was far too big. The pocket was very narrow and tight to get your hand in but then extremely deep so that it was very hard to retrieve valuables. Finding a ring, some keys or loose change in there (especially if you had belongings in the main pocket) - forget it!

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

The functionality of other pockets frustrated me during testing too: the drinks holder, when full, meant that the other storage pocket it was attached to virtually had no space in it, and the main balls pocket again, I found to be far too deep. These all may seem like little things, but it's the small details on a golf bag that really make it work for your golfing needs.

The Fairway C HD redeemed itself with it's opti-fit straps. I found these to be strong and comfortable, spreading the weight of the bag and my clubs nicely across my shoulders with plenty of support. The quick-clip strap system also means that you can adjust the straps to your needs if you're wanting to only use one strap, however similar to Titleist carry bags I have reviewed in the past I find this feature a little pointless.

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

Finally, the full-length divider gave me no problems on-course - with 14 clubs in the bag, they were all positioned securely with little rattling or snagging on retrieval for a shot.

Callaway Fairway C HD Stand Bag Verdict

True to form with Callaway, this a high-performing, tech-packed, contemporary-looking golf bag that will see you through some testing elements.

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

However I can't help but be disappointed by some of the finer details. The pockets on this bag are some of the worst I have tested. Sometimes when testing golf products you can tell a golfer has designed it themselves, in this instance I find it hard to see that this is the case.

Without these slight drawbacks, it would have been hard to pick fault with the Fairway C HD Stand Bag but at £229 RRP I expect that level of quality.

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

Would I Use It?

Yes, I have used this bag on a number of occasions where I am carrying but the forecast is iffy - it looks after your clubs well, just don't be expecting to negotiate those pockets quickly and easily on a cold winter's day!

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Bag

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Golf Bag

Callaway Fairway C HD Carry Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch01 December 2022
UK Launch RRP£229
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Bag TypesStand
Bag Width6 inches
Bag Weight1.9 kg
Colour Options: Black/Blue
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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