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There's no doubting that the iconic branding, classic styling and recognisable colourways of Titleist carry bags makes them an aspirational golf accessory for any avid golfer.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

Although in recent years, the Golfalot team have been somewhat disappointed by Titleist carry bags' overall functionality and performance. Uncomfortable padding, over complicated strap systems, and some poor build quality has left us looking good (just about), but wanting more.

The Players 4 Carbon could however be Titleist's answer to this recent slump, I tested this over a number of rounds to come to a verdict.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

Who's It Aimed At?

This bag looks to be for the golfer that wants a fairly substantial bag in size: enough space to fit 14 clubs, waterproofs, amongst a few other bits and bobs, but wants it in a lightweight package because they carry for 18 holes regularly.

This balance of both worlds along with the added Titleist stamp of approval obviously comes at a price and therefore it's aimed at golfers that don't mind spending a little to get 'the best'. At £200 RRP, it's not cheap so you've either got some disposable income, our you play regularly and take pride in how you look at the club.

The Tech

The Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag is all about an ultra-lightweight, premium construction. Weighing just under 3 pounds with design features such as the premium double strap and durable carbon fibre legs, this modern-day carry bag is said to have it all. Other features include:

  • Lightweight, durable rip-stop material
  • Ultra-lightweight, player-preferred 4-way top cuff
  • Exterior mesh water bottle pocket
  • Tour-inspired rain hood
  • Glove Velcro landing patch

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Golf Bag Review


We tested the Players 4 Carbon in the classic red and black 'Titleist colours' and there's no doubting it looks the part.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

Given it's lightweight remit, it features a sleek and streamlined design that strikes a great balance between contemporary with a hint of tradition. It's been designed with a minimal approach featuring clean lines, and there's nothing there that doesn't need to be.

Some of the branding is less in your face than other Titleist bags in the carry range, like the Titleist Players 4 StaDry or Titleist Premium Carry Bag, which personally I prefer - it's just a little more understated.

If you're looking for something a little brighter, it's also available in Graphite/Gray/Black, Vintage Blue/White/Tidal and Gray/Lagoon/Reef Blue.


Unboxing this bag you straight-away realise how lightweight is. At just 2.95lbs, I was impressed from the off. This attention to detail in terms of the lightweight design is what really sets it apart from other bags in the Titleist range.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

It features smart-looking carbon fibre legs and not just a lightweight construction, but an 'ultra-lightweight construction' making it a pound lighter than the Players 4 Stand Bag which is however £30 cheaper. Personally I think the extra £30 is worth it to save this much weight - and potentially space in your car boot.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

When carrying the bag on my back, despite what looked like a lack of cushioning I found it comfortable to wear. It sat squarely and even across my back and the well padded double strap meant there was a good balance across my shoulders.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

Despite the lightweight design I was happy to see the high quality, heavy duty straps still remained, as this can sometimes let lighter carry bags down - as I recently found with the TaylorMade FlexTech Carry Bag.

In terms of space, the four-way top cuff has great padding and easily fits 14 clubs, although I did find a little snagging from my thicker putter grip at the top of the bag... you can't have it all!

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

I was pleasantly surprised by the pocket storage too, although there isn't tonnes, there's plenty of space in the main pocket for waterproof pants and an extra layer. The valuables pocket is also lined and offers plenty of easy-to-access space and the ball pocket is plenty big enough. Be warned though - the mesh drinks holder is a little tight for modern reusable drinks bottles.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

One slight niggle I found on a recent golf trip was that although the legs offer lightweight stability on the course, a great addition would have been rubber feet on each leg. When placed on a hard in-door surface I found the legs and base gradually separated causing the legs to sprain, not a deal-breaker by any means but just something to watch out for.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Golf Bag Verdict

This is a near-faultless golf bag. From its balance of classic and modern design features, to a healthy offering of space to its comfort and overall weight - I have enjoyed using it in recent months.

The build quality set this apart from other Titleist bags I have tested recently, it felt durable and comfortable. However, without wanting to end on a negative, be aware it isn’t fully waterproof but with the included rain hood, it should save your belongings from showers.

Titleist are officially back in the carry bag game, and I for one am very happy about it.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

Would I Use It?

Absolutely yes - this has all the characteristics I look for in a golf bag. I'll no doubt be walking the fairways with it for the foreseeable.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Golf Bag Pros & Cons

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Bag

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Golf Bag

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Carry Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch01 April 2022
UK Launch RRP£200
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Bag TypesCarry, Stand
Bag Weight1.3 kg
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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