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Motocaddy are predominantly known for creating some of the best performing electric golf trolley's in the market, however continual growth and innovation has seen them broaden their horizon's in recent years.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

The British brand now also produce great laser rangefinders, golf carry bags as well as a wide array of handy golf accessories. To add to that list, 2023 has seen the launch of the Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover.

This new travel bag is said to offer golfing travellers the ultimate protection whilst in transit, and given the treachery that a modern-day airport can oppose upon innocent golfers and their clubs, we need all the protection we can get.

The Tech

Yes, I understand that a 'Tech section' may be a little bit OTT for a golf travel bag, but unsurprisingly for Motocaddy, the Flightsafe Travel Bag comes with a few well-thought ideas and innovations to set it apart from the crowd.

  • What Motocaddy claim to be unrivalled golf club protection, comes thanks to extra padded material and a reinforced club cover.

  • The overall design of the bag is based around the bag folding into a convenient storage box.

  • 6 wheels feature on the base of the bag for easy transportation.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover Review


If you're looking for something that's bright and flashy to get you from A to B in the airport, this travel cover probably isn't for you. It's very Motocaddy in its aesthetic, with nothing there that doesn't need to be, the bag itself is only available in one colour option, black.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

To be honest this isn't necessarily a bag thing, I think most golfers will like the understated look of the bag. It's going in the hold of an aeroplane, as long as you can identify it to be yours, it doesn't need to be anything too fancy.

There is a Motocaddy logo on the top front upper of the bag and a fairly large zipped pocket towards the bottom of the bag which displays the product name. On the back of the bag you will find a small clear sleeve to tag the bag with your contact details.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

Apart from these small features, Motocaddy have played it pretty safe.


The functionality of this travel cover however is really where it comes into it's own.

When unboxing the bag, unlike other travel covers I have used in the past, it is still housed in another box - this is essentially the piece of harder material that makes the bag as protective as Motocaddy claim it to be.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

Once this outer-box is removed, the full length of the bag itself can be unfolded into it's full length (around 5 foot long) to place your clubs inside. The clever part about this outer box, is that it then doubles up as a reinforced club cover to encase your clubs at the top of the bag. This added hard-case-like protection did give me piece of mind that my club heads at least will not be damaged in transit.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

Usually when travelling I take the extra precaution of taking my driver head off its shaft and wrapping large towels around my fairway wood and irons heads, but with the Motocaddy Flightsafe, these measures all seemed a little unnecessary.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

Once I arrived at my destination ready for some golf, the idea behind the Flightsafe is that you can then pack the bag away into this hard case and store it tidily in your hotel room. This folding process does take a little time to get used to but once you get the knack of it, it helps to keep it neat and tidy.

All in all - this is great idea and one that I haven't seen before with golf travel accessories. It's the kind of idea that we really like at Golfalot as it's clearly been developed by a golfer that has had these issues themselves.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

As well as this, the Flightsafe cover comes with six wheels (usually you'd get two) which is another bonus. There are four wheels on the base of the bag and two wheels that lie on the corner of the base. The combination of these wheels offers versatility in how you decide to wheel the bag; I decided to push the bag on all four wheels with the bag stood up which took the weight off.

The base of the bag was strong enough to take the weight of my clubs and few other bits I had in there for the trip whilst stood up vertically - which again I found pretty impressive.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

One slight question I have of this product is the durability of the 'durable nylon' that makes up the cover. In just one flight the bottom of the bag was pretty badly damaged. Whether you choose to blame this on the durability of the bag or the total disregard for people's belongings from the baggage handlers, is up to you. Either way, I was disappointed to see it.

For peace of mind, the bag does come with a 12 month warranty.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover Verdict

Overall, despite some slight drawbacks, I still think this a strong product. The idea of it is innovative and genuinely developed to help golfers through what can be a really stressful process!

The bag has an RRP of £199.99 which may seem like a lot, but if you're looking for a top-end travel bag these days it's very much worth investing in quality. With products like this you really do get what you pay for and there is nothing worse than arriving on that well deserved golf break to find your beloved bats have been damaged.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

There are some slight niggles I have about the strength and quality of nylon material used on the bag but in general the pros outweigh the cons here. Motocaddy have gained a reputation over the years of creating products that are reliable and this only follows that trend.

Would I Use It?

Yes. It gives me piece of mind my clubs will be protected, however personally I would like something a little more stylish to travel with.

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover Golf Bag

Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch25 April 2023
UK Launch RRP£199.99
European Launch25 April 2023
European Launch RRP€229.99
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior
Bag TypesTravel
Bag Weight4.1 kg
Colour Options: Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteMotocaddy Website

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