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Ping Hoofer bags are a bit of an institution in the golf equipment world, and are used by golfers everywhere including being the most popular bag among US college teams.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

We have reviewed a number of different generations of the Hoofer bag at Golfalot and we've always been fans of the build quality, looks and usability.

This time around we're taking a closer look at the stripped-down Hoofer Lite, made to be even easier for golfers to carry. I have been using the Hoofer bag for the last couple of years since I tested it, could it be making way for this new lightweight model?

The Tech

On the face of it, the Hoofer Lite looks like it's much of the same when it comes to looks and design compared to the standard Hoofer bag, but with a couple of slight tweaks.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

The bag features adjustable shoulder pads which come with integrated SensorCool Technology, whilst the strap connector makes it easier to carry as a single strap or backpack style bag.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

Carrying the bag is easy thanks to a cushioned pad which rests on the hip for added support whilst walking during the round.

There's also a rigid 4-way top with wells which are sturdy and spacious, keeping clubs protected and less prone to bunching.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

The straps also feature a new re-engineered back puck which makes it easier than ever to convert the bags from backpack to a single-strap carry. The puck is open-ended on two sides, so the strap connector unhooks quickly in one simple step.

There's a rangefinder pocket for easy access, as well as a new water bottle pocket located at the bottom of the back so that you can reach for your drink whilst walking on the course.

Ping Hoofer Lite Bag Review


The Hoofer Lite is a great looking bag that has all the hallmarks of a Hoofer design, and I'm a big fan of the contrasting Blue colourway. There are flashes of red there too, most notably around the zips of the pockets and on the 4-way top, which are a nice feature to bring a bit of extra life to the bag.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

There are six different colours available, including a more understated black and a very eye-catching 'Clubs of Paradise' pattern.

The design of the bag itself is relatively simple, with a couple of large pockets on the side and front supported by smaller pockets for the rangefinder, water bottles and valuables - in total there are nine.

The bag has a small, sleek footprint but manages to do this whilst still looking as if it has plenty of storage space for all of your gear. It's not as small as the TaylorMade FlexTech Carry Bag that George tested recently, but it definitely feels a little smaller than the previous Hoofer bag that I tested.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

Ping have done away with the previous design of the bag's legs which were intended to look like a wood shaft, instead opting for a classic black finish.


This bag is called Hoofer Lite for a reason, straight away when I got on to the course I noticed how lightweight and easy to carry the bag was.

Ping says that it weights in at around 5lb - around 2.2kg - compared to the standard Hoofer which is 2.5kg. This may not sound like a lot but I really did notice the difference.

Not only was it lightweight, the bag was comfortable to carry too thanks to the generously thick shoulder straps which were bigger than I was expecting from a 'Lite' bag, and helped to make it feel even lighter.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

If you carry a lot, particularly in the summer months, you can start to get some rubbing on your shoulders, but these straps seemed to ward that off nicely.

The bag seemed to sit really nicely at the bottom of my back with an even weight distribution, whilst the hip pad was very comfortable too and came into play when using a single and both straps to carry.

I have said this before with Ping but the attention to detail really does set them apart compared to some of the other bigger manufacturers when it comes to their bags. Every feature that they add seems to have functionality in mind, they are trying to make life that little bit easier for you out on the course.

The attached rain hood is still there from the previous Hoofer generation, which is a really great touch as it makes it so easy to get on and off when it does rain, whilst also providing a bit of extra padding whilst carrying.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

I've really enjoyed having this on my existing Hoofer over the last couple of years and I was pleased to see it has remained.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

The addition of the new water bottle pocket is great too, it makes sense and has already come in handy for me. The mesh lining within the pocket helps to keep the bottle in place which means you can keep it unzipped, and it is so easy to get it in and out whilst walking down the fairway.

Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag Verdict

The Hoofer Lite essentially offers you everything that the Hoofer does, but in a slightly smaller footprint, which for me made it easier and more comfortable to carry, while looking a bit sleeker too.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

You might lose a little bit of storage space in the pockets, and the 4-way top is probably best suited to less than 14 clubs (I currently carry 12 which seemed ideal) but for me that's a small price to pay for better usability.

An RRP of £200 does mean that this is expensive for a lightweight stand bag, and it's a £35 upcharge on the previous Hoofer Lite bag, but you know with Ping that you're going to be guaranteed quality, and it won't let you down.

Would I Use It?

Yes, this bag is going to replace the Hoofer as my go-to when I'm playing, except for when I use a pencil bag for more relaxed rounds.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag Review

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Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch RRP£200
Bag TypesStand
Bag Weight2.2 kg
Colour Options: Blue/Navy/Red
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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