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Because of it's unbelievable success, it's not often FootJoy make too many large changes to the Pro SL shoe model. So when they do, it's time to take notice and beg the question: can the best spikeless shoe in golf really get any better?

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

At Golfalot, we've had the pleasure of seeing how Pro SL has evolved into it's own industry-leading franchise over the last decade, reviewing each model from the most recent Pro SL Sport in 2022 right back to the original model, when FJ changed golf footwear forever in 2016. Unsurprisingly you might find, they each performed well on test with just a minor few bumps in the road along the way.

2024 however sees the Pro SL model as we know it undergo a complete overhaul in looks, design and even name - introducing the new FootJoy Pro SLX golf shoe.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

As we saw in the 2020 Pro SL FJ have introduced not one but two news models in the SLX range: the standard and the Carbon. In this review I will be focusing on the Pro SLX Carbon, which I was custom fitted for at Royal Norwich GC using a volumental FJ Fit Lab shoe fitting machine.

Who Is It Aimed At?

The success of the Pro SL over the years can largely be attributed to it's extremely wide appeal. Like the TaylorMade P790, an Odyssey 2-Ball, or a Ping G430 Driver, it's managed to find the sweet spot - generally suiting every type of golfer for one reason or another.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

Like previous iterations with the standard and the Carbon models, the Pro SLX casts the net that little bit wider therefore giving that little extra variation to golfers that don't mind spending a little more to get some extra stability and tech.

The Pro SLX is aimed at the club golfer, the avid modern-day player, wanting the ultimate in comfort, performance and versatility both on and off the golf course.

The Tech

As ever, the Pro SLX Carbon is a shoe all about traction and comfort and here's how FJ have gone about achieving it...

A new PWR Trax System featuring a moulded 3D X-Wing that FJ say works like a spring to redistribute energy to the perimeter of the shoe, which should really help with stability and comfort when both walking and swinging.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

The Race Trak Outsole features a radial disc that extends into the ground to increase traction points with the turf. Hence the name, this design is said to have been inspired by the the wide base seen in race cars.

Comfort is achieved through the a combination of a stratofoam midsole and ortholite impressions insole that I first saw back in 2019 with the FJ Fury shoe again offering energy return in each step.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

Finally FJ have focused heavily on the heel area of the shoe with a new 3D molded collar and exposed heel stabiliser to really give the golfer that locked-in-feel whilst controlling lateral and upper movement of the foot.

The full list of features and benefits are:

  • Premium ChromoSkin Leather.
  • Engineered cushioning and support thanks to an FTF+ midsole with StratoFoam top layer.
  • Advanced traction and stability from the PWR Trax System.
  • Comfort from the Molded X25 Ortholite Lightweight PU FitBed.
  • Molded X25 with Ortholite Impressions FitBed in the Carbon model.
  • Laser Plus Last: Full rounded toe characteristics, standard fit across forefoot and instep with a slightly narrow heel.
  • Extra depth last to accommodate thicker FitBed for enhanced cushioning.

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FootJoy Pro SLX Carbon Golf Shoe Review


I'll start with the new FJ logo which I first saw at this year's PGA Show. FJ are trying to clean up their branding but admittedly they have said that this is no easy job: as you can imagine there are a lot of FJ products out there with differing logos on. Unfortunately the new logo, although it features on all of the marketing behind Pro SLX, doesn't actually feature on the shoe itself - which is a shame in my opinion.

Unboxing the shoe I found it to have a very typical FJ 'techy-look', with a lot packed in, as you can imagine. At first glance, to me the silhouette looked big and bulky and actually feels quite heavy to start with. I also wasn't fully sold on the lime green and flashes of blue on both the upper and outsole - for me it's just a little loud.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

I did however like the look of the ChromoSkin leather on the upper of the shoe, it felt soft and premium and less shiny than the leather I have seen on previous Pro SL models. Although there are elements of the shoe that seem busy on the eye like the heel and the outsole, the clean leather gives the shoe an overall fairly sleek look.

Once on, I found them to look much better, thankfully they weren't as wide as I initially thought and looked much sleeker with just the grey/black tongue and clean white upper to look down upon.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

As mentioned, Pro SLX comes available in standard and carbon, but it also comes available in BOA too if you're that way inclined. The Carbon edition is available in white/black and all black, my personal favourite being the all black which really do look awesome and it goes without saying they will be the easiest to keep clean.


This is the area in which the Pro SL Carbon really excels. The combination of ortholite insole and stratofoam midsole means that FJ have been onto a winner in the comfort department for a little while, and that run of form continues here.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

Straight out of the box when putting the shoes on, the heel area is what really stood out for me. The 3D molded collar and exposed heel stabiliser really just sit perfectly around the heel and support it whilst offering really soft cushioning which just feels comfortable to the back part of the heel. As we all know, the heel of a shoe can be an area which gives more discomfort when walking a golf course, so it's good to know that straight out of the box, FJ have nailed this.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

I found them to offer a spacious and fairly wide fit in the rest of the shoe away from the heels, which is good to know if you're someone with wide feet. A small niggle I have to mention is that although the leather upper felt soft and supple to touch, I did feel a little rubbing on the outside of my right foot in the 'breaking in phase' of testing. Thankfully this only lasted a few holes when walking up hills so shouldn't be too much of a dampener.

The tongue of the shoe has undergone some change too with a much thinner more lightweight tongue, still offering the support and comfort you'd expect.


When it comes to spikeless shoes, I think that one of the main reasons for wearing them is that you feel low to the ground, and therefore I feel that you get good ground interaction with the turf. As shoe manufacturers add more and more tech in search of comfort and support, I think that interaction can be lost a little. There is also a slight fear that you will be a little too high in these shoes and being tall, I feel this can just can just hamper the functionality of a spikeless shoe.

Thankfully, FJ have combatted this somewhat with the race trak outsole and because the outsole is nice and wide, balance isn't an issue - I found the traction of the Pro SLX Carbon to be really impressive in all areas.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

Testing on a wet golf course hitting: driver, full iron shots, pitching from bunkers, thick rough and even some pine straw I never felt a lack of confidence in the shoe's ability to keep me locked into the turf.

When walking generally around the course the Carbon felt extremely stable underfoot. The amount of technology packed into the shoe is immediately noticeable thanks to the shoe's outstanding stability.

Testing on a damp winter day, walking through thick wet rough and playing a in a couple of showers, I didn't feel any water break through at all and my feet were warm and dry throughout. For peace of mind, they do come with a 1 year waterproof warranty anyway.

FootJoy Pro SLX Carbon Golf Shoe Verdict

FootJoy have no doubt produced another great golf shoe with Pro SLX Carbon. Pro golfers, the likes of Sungjae Im and Danielle Kang will love them just as much as amateurs, they really are a shoe that everyone's game can benefit from. However it's worth mentioning the price... at £159.99 (Men's standard), £139.99 (Women's standard), £184.99 (BOA) and £189.99 for Carbon, FJ maybe improving the performance of Pro SLX but it's hard to say the same of the price.

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

At first I was a little put off by the overly techy look but to be honest it grew on me the more I wore them on the course. I still much prefer the all black colourway in Carbon and all white in standard and it's worth a mention that I think the women's really pop too!

Finally, if you've already got one of the previous Pro SL models from the last three or four years, depending on how much you've looked after them - I don't think there is enough in my opinion to rush to your local pro shop and upgrade, especially taking into account the price.

This is another good shoe that locks the Pro SL further into it's industry leading position, but not one that will budge the Premiere Series off it's perch in the locker room just yet.

Would I Use Them?

Probably not, however these are another great golf shoe and if I had the Carbon model in all black - they would be my go to no doubt.

FootJoy Pro SLX Carbon Golf Shoe Pros & Cons

FootJoy ProSLX Carbon Shoes

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