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About The Golfalot Price Index

The Golfalot Price Index tracks golf equipment prices like a stock market index to track how the average price of the latest golf equipment moves over time.

It is based on the assumption of the keen golfer always wanting to buy the latest model. This offsets discounting of prices as golf equipment reaches the end of its product life cycle. Therefore upward rises in the index can be due to new models, as well as an increase in price.

Golfalot tracks all the prices every day from every major online golf retailer with a national pricing policy. Index prices are recorded each month and in each category we choose the latest models from each manufacturer as they reach the market.

For example, certain golf manufacturers may have more than one driver listed if they have a titanium driver and a steel driver, as these are classed as separate models. Where a titanimum driver replaces another titanium driver from the same manufacturer, then the older model's price is not included.