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It may seem like yet another thing to be forking out money for, but if you're looking to get the most from your golf game, you need to give yourself the best possible chance by having all of the correct gear.

There is nothing worse than being underprepared for your round and then having to suffer the consequences for the next four hours, with only yourself to blame for the fact that you're freezing or soaking wet.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

Ping's new waterproof range, SensorDry, is seeking to help you avoid just that. I put their Pro model to the test on the golf course.

The Tech

Ping's marketing slogan for their new SensorDry waterproof range is "Take No Cover", suggesting that the technologies and engineering behind the jackets allow you to play in even the wettest of conditions.

There are 3 jackets available in the range, mirroring the FootJoy HydroSeries jackets which me and George recently reviewed and which Ping will undoubtedly see as one of their main rivals in this market.

The SensorDry Pro sits in the middle of the range, with a lightweight, more basic SensorDry and a more heavy-duty SensorDry 2.5 also available.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

SensorDry garments are designed to provide long-lasting waterproof and windproof protection whilst being permeable and therefore breathable. The outerwear uses special lightweight and noiseless fabrics, with stretch qualities which are designed to move with your body during the golf swing.

There are a ton of technologies and features in the SensorDry Pro that include:

  • Fully seam-sealed
  • PFC free, water-resistant finish
  • Brushed tricot lining to back body for additional warmth and comfort
  • Adjustable shock cord hem
  • Adjustable collar for additional weather protection
  • Inner storm cuffs
  • Adjustable cuff tabs
  • High gloss, two-way centre front zip
  • Two front zip pockets with brushed lining
  • Zip chest pocket
  • Ping Eye logo to chest and stamped Eye Mark logo to back shoulder.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

The SensorDry Pro is a mid-level waterproof jacket - not too lightweight, not too bulky - and the three different colourways feature a two-tone design.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

I tested the Delph Blue and Black version which, to be honest, is not be my favourite colour combination although it does make it pretty versatile if you want to match up with the rest of your outfit.

The jacket is relatively clean in its design, with a Ping Eye logo on the chest and small detailing on the back shoulder.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

The first thing that struck me when putting this jacket on was how comfortable it was. This may seem like a strange thing to say about a jacket but it just seemed to fit so well and felt like a really good weight. It still feels substantial but I wasn't concerned about it being too restrictive during the golf swing.

The jacket's inner has a fleece section which adds a little bit of comfort around the top of the back as well as providing extra warmth, and there are the usual adjustable cuffs and hems so that you can tailor the fit to your own specifications.

Hitting shots out on the golf course, the SensorDry Pro feels lightweight and unrestrictive, which is ideal for use in the winter months when you're likely to be wearing multiple layers but don't want your swing to be hindered.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

In a perfect world it would be slightly less noisy, as it does tend to rustle a bit as you walk and swing, but that is the price you have to pay in order to get proper waterproof protection. I tested this jacket during a few different rounds, including in persistent rain, and the jacket certainly kept me warm and dry throughout with no issues.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

Despite this it's still easily foldable which makes it a great year-round option, you can just stick it in the big pocket of your bag during the warmer months and it'll be there if the weather is a little colder than you expected, or you get caught in a sudden shower.

The jacket also features an adjustable collar which can be tightened to provide extra warmth and stop rain from running down your neck.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

As George mentioned recently in his HydroTour review these adjustable collars are good idea in paper, but in practice, how often do you actually get this happening to you?

My favourite part of the SensorDry Pro was the new storm cuffs which provide a little bit of stretchy fabric over the top of the cuffs.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

These are extremely comfortable and also ensure that the main cuff of the jacket doesn't get in the way when you're trying to swing.

Another small negative was the velcro covering on the hand pockets, which was a little annoying as it made it harder to get your hands in and out.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

It's useful if you want to store your tees, pitch mark repairer and glove for easy access, but if you're just using it to keep your hands warm then it can get a little annoying.

At £160 it's a little cheaper than the likes of a FootJoy HydroLite (£170) or a Galvin Green (cheapest jacket starts at £220) so I'd say this is excellent value for money. There are two other SensorDry jackets to choose from, but if you're just looking for one which is going to be suitable for most of the year, this is the one I'd go for.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Verdict

Ping's SensorDry Pro is a very versatile jacket which I think would be ideal for the majority of golfing conditions throughout the year. In warmer months you could still put this over a polo shirt if there's a sudden downpour, and in the winter it provides enough warmth whilst staying lightweight to be an ideal layering piece.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

The jacket is perfectly equipped to protect you from the rain thanks to the sealed zips, storm cuffs and adjustable collar, so in my mind that means it is perfect for the dedicated golfer who just wants to get out there onto the course regardless of how bad the forecast looks.

With two other jackets available in the SensorDry range you have an option for all 365 days of the golfing year thanks to Ping, which is one less excuse to make if you don't 'play your best'...

Would I Use It?

Definitely. It's a perfect all-rounder which I know is going to perform in the rain, but it is lightweight enough that I can keep it in my bag all the time just in case I get caught in a sudden downpour.

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Review

If it was the height of the summer then I may want a rain jacket which is a little thinner because it could get a little too warm, but for 9 months of the year I'd be confident that it's up to the job.

As I mentioned earlier the blue and black is not my favourite combination but I'm sure it will catch the eye of some, and there are two other colourways available so I would probably opt for one of those instead as the performance of the jacket itself was excellent.


  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable - fit was excellent
  • Kept me nice and warm on a cold day
  • Loved the storm cuffs
  • Like the warm fabric touches around the neck


  • Colour schemes not great
  • Slightly noisy/rustly to swing in
  • Velcro on pocket seemed like a good idea but in practice was annoying.

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Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Clothing

Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket Clothing - Product Details

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