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Best of 2021

Like it or not, every year technology seems to have more of an influence on our golf game.

Whether it's the latest all-singing-all-dancing launch monitor, or just a trolley that makes life easier for you, we've reviewed plenty of it in 2021. Here's our favourite findings.

FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor

Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor

Released: 01/07/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £1900

Quick Hit: The portable launch monitor that comes in around £15,000 cheaper than other market leading models.

The Tech: The Mevo+ provides 16 different data perimeters to allow you to go in-depth on your own game, including Carry Distance, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Apex Height, Spin Rate, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Total Distance, Angle of Attack, and Spin Loft.

Golfalot Says: Flightscope has clearly come a long way in the last few years and they have prove that you can make a truly portable launch monitor. The build quality of the Mevo+ is great, the set up is easy enough and the accuracy was great. I was very impressed with it.

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PowaKaddy DLX Lite FF Push Trolley

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

Released: 01/07/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £219

Quick Hit: With the marketing tagline being: 'Folds Down Fast', PowaKaddy have basically designed the trolley to be folded down flat when not in use, meaning storage and transportation of the trolley should be a breeze.

The Tech: As well as an ingenious folding system, the trolley is constructed using a lightweight aluminium frame with large wheels and an ergonomic handle that will suit any golfers height, whilst the PowaKaddy key lock system is said to stop your golf bag from twisting.

Golfalot Says: It's lightweight, looks great, built to last and designed specifically with the modern day golfer in mind. Definitely one to have on your list if you're in the market for a new set of wheels.

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Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Rangefinder

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

Released: 01/02/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £170

Quick Hit: Motocaddy enter the busy world of rangefinders for the first time with the feature-packed Pro 3000.

The Tech: The Pro 3000 packs a punch with 7x magnification and a range of 1,300 yards, accurate to less than a yard, it also comes with high-resolution LCD display and PinLock Technology.

Golfalot Says: This is an excellent first entry into the laser world by Motocaddy, and considering they have built a reputation over the years for reliable and market-leading products, I can't say I was too surprised by that.

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PRGR Portable Launch Monitor

PRGR Portable Launch Monitor

Released: 01/06/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £220

Quick Hit: The PRGR Portable Launch Monitor is a low-budget launch monitor that provides accurate readings and fits into your pocket. They are perhaps best known for their training system which provides golfers with ‘speed sticks’ of different weights in an effort to build up club head speeds.

The Tech: The PRGR is Doppler Radar-based in the same vein as a Trackman or Flightscope, rather than using cameras on the likes of the Foresight GC Quad or SkyTrak.

Golfalot Says: This kind of device is ideal for getting an idea of your yardages at the driving range, working on building up your club head speed, or just having a bit of fun on the golf course with your mates and seeing who produces the best numbers.

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Motocaddy Cube Push Trolley

Motocaddy Cube Trolley Review

Released: 01/04/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £179.99

Quick Hit: The updated Cube trolley has been Motocaddy's best-selling push trolley over the last couple of years, and is now 40% smaller than traditional push trolleys which makes it ideal for squeezing into even the smallest car boots, yet still finds room for plenty of features.

The Tech: Features a simple two-step folding system and sports Motocaddy's new-look graphite frame and wheels, which are oversized and friction-free to make manoeuvring around the golf course even easier.

Golfalot Says: It does everything you'd really want - it's lightweight, compact and manoeuvrable whilst also having lots of different storage options and I love the new styling that Motocaddy has chosen throughout their latest fleet of trolleys.

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