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Abacus has had the distinction of providing outfits for the European Solheim Cup team for the last six editions of the event, as well as being an official licensee of the Ryder Cup for the past 13 years, so it's pretty safe to say that the quality of their gear is undoubtedly good.

The brand's Bounce collection (in which I haver already reviewed the [Bounce Waterproof Hoodie](Bounce Waterproof Hoodie) is designed to be waterproof, breathable and allow freedom of movement, making it a great option to protect against the elements on the course.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

I took the Bounce Stretch Rain Shirt out to see whether it could be the perfect lightweight option to keep me protected from the rain, without hindering the golf swing.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Anyone who plays golf in warmer climates where there is a chance of rain, and wants to be protected from the elements. The size and weight of the rain shirt means it is easily packable into your bag for easy access.

It could also be perfect for golfers who don't like wearing extra layers, particularly sleeves, when playing golf as it restricts their swing.

The Tech

The Bounce rain shirt is made from a breathable 4-way stretch waterproof fabric, designed to allow the wearer to swing with a full freedom of movement.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

There is a 3-layer material which is the same on the inside as the outside, and comes without any lining which makes it easy to take on and off, as well as providing more flexibility and comfort.

The lightweight, wrinkle-free material also makes it the perfect choice to be folded away in the bottom of a golf bag, yet still look fresh and smart when called upon.

The Bounce rain shirt also features a half zip at the front and one chest pocket, with all zip seam sealed.

Abacus Bounce Stretch Rain Shirt Review


There are two different colourways available in the Bounce Rain Shirt: the grey and navy that I tested, or a bright blue and black. I think a black or black and grey colourway could've been a practical option as well, but the design is pretty smart and should pair well with most outfits that you're likely to wear.

I like the two-tone design with the detailing around the zips, shoulder and neck, and I also liked the fact that the logos were a bit more toned down with this product compared to the Bounce Waterproof Hoodie that I also recently tested.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

Rain shirts will probably divide opinion amongst golfers, with a common description being that they are a little old-fashioned, and whilst they do tend to remind me of pictures you'd see of golfers in the 90s, you will also see plenty of PGA Tour pros using them when they are stuck in wet conditions and I think the retro styling can actually be pretty cool.


As the name suggests, the rain shirt is more like a waterproof top than a short-sleeve jacket and as a result it feels really lightweight both when holding and wearing it.

This is great if you want to use it in the warmer months to protect you from the rain, and it also means that you're not going to feel hindered by wearing an extra layer whilst swinging and hitting shots.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

The shirt has been designed to be easy to fold and store in your bag and I have to agree that it packs away incredibly easily, and doesn't seem to crease too much if you're still hoping to look smart despite the adverse weather conditions.

Having said that, the lightweight feel does mean that you can't expect to get much warmth out of this jacket. I found that the Bounce Hoodie was comfortably thicker and warmer, so the rain shirt is a little more limited to warmer conditions in my opinion - I'd suggest layering up underneath on the colder days.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

You also get a chest pocket complete with a zip which can be used to hold your phone, scorecard or any other items. To be honest I think these pockets are pretty useless on golf clothing - I'd either put things in my trouser pocket or leave them in my bag - and I can't really remember seeing anyone else ever use them, but I suppose they add to the design a little bit.

Abacus Bounce Stretch Rain Shirt Verdict

At £179.90 I think this is quite an expensive piece of kit considering that you'd probably want to use something that was a bit warmer during the winter months so it's essentially only to be used in the summer during wet conditions.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

It does exactly the job it's designed to do though, by providing a handy extra layer if you get caught in the rain but you don't want to feel restricted by a jacket.

Abacus may not be the first brand that you think of when it comes to waterproofs but they provide a guarantee of quality in my opinion, so if you're looking to take your golf seriously and want to make sure that you're protected from the elements out on the course, it may be worth stretching your budget.

Would I Use It?

Yes, and I can definitely see the Bounce Rain Shirt making its way into my bag during the summer months and warmer winter days to make sure I'm covered when the rain inevitably comes.

Abacus Bounce Stretch Rain Shirt Pros & Cons

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

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Abacus Bounce Stretch Rain Shirt Clothing

Abacus Bounce Stretch Rain Shirt Clothing - Product Details

UK LaunchJuly 2023
UK Launch RRP£179.90
European LaunchJuly 2023
European Launch RRP€219.90

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