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I first became aware of Abacus golf clothing through seeing the European Solheim Cup team wearing it with style. I think even Abacus would forgive me however for saying that it doesn't possess the same reputation as more established golf apparel brands like Galvin Green, FootJoy, Adidas or even Ping, especially at club level. With the new X Series range, is that about to change?

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

The Abacus collection for the 2023 season boasts a bespoke range of what is said to be high-performance outwear and headlining the impressive line-up is the new Abacus PDX waterproof jacket. It's not only said to keep you warm and dry, but also give you complete freedom when swinging in cold and wet weather.

We have recently tested the Bounce Stretch Rain Shirt and Bounce Waterproof Hoodie also from the X Series range, in which Dan was suitably impressed.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

Time to find out whether the same can be said of the PDX Waterproof.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Priced at £249.99 and labelled as 'high-performance, premium golf outerwear' the PDX waterproof is clearly aimed at golfers that don't mind putting their hands in their pocket for golf gear. Having said that, in today's market £250 is quite competitive.

Abacus clothing is aimed at golfers who want something a little different, golfers who care about how they look on the course and don't mind show off some standout detailing and design features.

The Tech

The Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket is said to "perform like a warm hug to keep golfers swinging in compete freedom in cold and wet weather."

Featuring a padded quilt fleece front to fight the elements, the PDX is fully windproof and waterproof with a 15,000 WP rating, with the brand’s three-layer fabric technology ensuring the temperature inside the jacket remains comfortable.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

The inner material is made from the same soft, stretchable material as the outer layer, which is bonded between a breathable membrane to help transport moisture to the surface where it evaporates into the air.

Heat-sealed seams further enhance the unbeatable protection offered by the PDX Jacket.

Four-way stretch panels in the shoulders, sides and sleeves provide complete protection from the wind and rain and enable the golfer to swing without restriction whilst ensuring a supremely comfortable fit.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

The jacket is then complete with a stand-up collar to keep out drafts and prevent water ingress, a drawstring hem at the bottom of the jacket and tapered wrists.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket Review


The PDX waterproof jacket offers something a little different in the looks department, which I like. The jacket certainly looks premium with nice little design touches like the seam sealed zips, collar and fitted wrists all helping to make it stand out from the traditional golf outerwear styles.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

The front panelling reminds me a little of styling we have seen from Adidas golf clothing ranges in recent years - which I think Abacus have taken inspiration from here. The padded quilt fleece front also reminded me a little of the Norse S2 Zoned Jacket from Ping we reviewed a couple of years ago.

The contrast between the front of the jacket and the sleeves and back makes for a really contemporary look, that I think will suit younger, more style-conscious golfers but won't be for everyone.

I reviewed the PDX waterproof jacket in black, but it also comes available in midnight navy; both I think are a quite understated colourway options in comparison to the overall design and make-up of the jacket, striking a decent balance.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

One aesthetic element that wasn't to my taste was the amount of branding that the PDX waterproof featured, I found it to be unnecessary. The sleeves, pockets, zips, and shoulders all has 'Abacus X Series' emblazoned on it which I thought just cheapened the overall look for me. Less is more.


Like most golf outerwear in the last decade or so, thanks to the 'Galvin influence' this is a jacket featuring a slim fit. I reviewed the jacket in size medium and found it snug, and a little on the tight side. If you don't like your golf clothing to be too tight, make sure you size up here. I was pleased to see the sleeves were a good length however which can be a make or break for a golf jacket of this type in my opinion.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

Starting with the front element of the jacket - the three-layer fabric technology felt extremely soft to touch which gives a great first impression. I also found that this material meant that the jacket was quiet when swinging - something that I think is important to golfers in a Gore-Tex age, where outerwear has become loud and potentially off-putting.

This padded front section of the jacket certainly is windproof, and acts as a great shield when you're walking into a strong gust or when there is a cold chill in the air. I found as soon as I put the jacket on I felt warmer and the jacket was doing its job.

The back, shoulders and sleeves use a slightly different material; they feature four-way stretch panels that have none of the same quilted padding on the front of the jacket and therefore feel much different. At first I thought this looked great but during testing I have to say I found this a little strange, especially in the golf swing.

Having the quilted section on the front meant that I could feel really warm across my chest and torso, but still have a sharp chill on my back and shoulders depending on which way I was standing and the wind direction.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

Secondly, I found that having the padding on the front section of the jacket only meant that it was a bit of a hinderance when standing over the ball. When putting, not so much, but when standing over full shots, I just felt the jacket tended to bulge around the front zip and get in the way.

I couldn't help but think that this would have been lessened if the padding was also on the back and shoulders, balancing out the weight of the padding but still leaving the sleeves free without restriction.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket Verdict

Overall having never worn or tested Abacus clothing before, and having only seen it grow in popularity within the industry, I was impressed with the PDX Jacket. Abacus are clearly making decent strides in creating premium high performance clothing which was illustrated well by the whole X series range.

For me, the PDX jacket isn't perfect for playing golf (yet) - there are one too many drawbacks when looking at it overall - but I will certainly look forward to it's next iteration with anticipation.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

Would I Use It?

Potentially - I quite like the look of the jacket - it's modern and offers something a little different, that being said being in the all black colourway that I tested, it doesn't stand out too much on the course.

It certainly had what I thought to be a few drawbacks that I think would take a bit of getting used to and I'm not massively keen on it's figure-hugging fit, but all in all the positives outweigh the negatives here.

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket Pros & Cons

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

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Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket Clothing

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