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Because of the excellent reputation of their trollies, Motocaddy's bags and accessories have also been a hit amongst a wide array of golfers for over two decades.

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

If you've got the trolley, why not throw in the bag too? There's something about golfers, they just like things to match don't they?

I recently tested the new Motocaddy S1 DHC Electric Trolley and was suitably impressed, but will the Pro-Series Cart Bag live up to the same high standards?

Motocaddy S1 DHC Electric Trolley

The Tech

The Pro-Series Cart Bag is made from long-lasting, premium PU and nylon fabrics. It is packed with a ton of features including 9 spacious pockets, beverage storage and a jumbo putter well.

I'm not going to go through each feature individually but instead, here's a few other highlights:

  • 14 full-length dividers to keep clubs separated and to prevent snagging
  • 2 dry valuables pockets including a velour lined compartment to keep belongings dry
  • Internal umbrella sleeve
  • Integrated top & bottom carry handles to allow easy lifting for storage & transportation
  • Easilock compatible - the bag securely attaches to any Motocaddy trolley without lower bag support strap
  • External beverage pouch convenient access to drinks on the course
  • Waterproof rain hood that keeps golf clubs dry

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag Review


This bag will look the part for many golfers, especially when coupled with a Motocaddy trolley of the same colourway.

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

The design is exactly what we've come to expect from Motocaddy over the years, it's safe, simple and quite stylish. It's not going to offend anyone at all.

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

The main colours on the bag are black and grey, whilst there is some slight touches of carbon-fibre looking panelling that give the design a modern and 'techy' look. On top of that the Pro-Series range of bags comes available with three different colour trims: blue, lime and red.

I tested the bag with red trim and although the big and bulky nature of the bag didn't suit my personal taste, I can see it working very well for the avid club golfer with plenty of gear to cart round the course on a regular basis.

Performance and Functionality

The 14-way divider will be one of the main selling points for golfers when looking to purchase this bag. Although I think at times 14-way dividers can be a little unnecessary, only adding to weight - when testing the Pro-Series cart bag, I was impressed. During 18 holes over testing, each of my clubs had plenty of space, there was no snagging in sight when pulling clubs out before a shot.

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

Having plenty of space is a constant running theme with this golf bag - there's buckets of it. With 9 pockets in total, there's an argument to say that the generous amounts of space is a borderline unnecessary, you could pack enough for a 3 week skiing holiday in this bag! Having said that, if you're the sort of golfer that likes to pack two sets of waterproofs and a packed lunch for each member of the fourball, then you're in luck.

Motocaddy S1 DHC Electric Trolley

On the topic of carrying food and drink, the Pro Series has two external bottle holders on either side of an insulated cooler pocket at the front of the bag to keep food and drink at a good temperature on a warm day.

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

Functionality-wise I was impressed by the overall build quality. The zips felt substantial and sturdy which is always a good thing in this type of bag, not only that, they looked like they would last after years of use. After all if you're going to spend £209.99 on a golf bag on top of what you've already spent on your golf trolley, you'd expect it to last...

For my review, I used the bag on the Motocaddy S1 DHC Electric Trolley. Pairing the Pro-Series bag with a Motocaddy trolley meant that I could make full use of the Easilock and anti-twist base feature. This is where the simple but effective designs of Motocaddy's products really come into their own.

Each Motocaddy trolley comes with two small Easilock screws, that can be screwed directly into the base of a Motocaddy cart bag meaning there is no need for a strap on the bottom of the bag to hold it into place. The screws themselves are easy to fit however my only reservation would be doing this on a winters day. Cold, wet, probably muddy, only a thought for the post-round pint to warm you up - the last thing I would want to be doing is faffing with little screws underneath my bag. Were trolley straps really that bad in the first place?

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

The anti-twist base of the bag however requires no faffing whatsoever and means your bag not only fits on all Motocaddy trolleys but also the majority of any modern trolleys securely. Throughout 18 holes, on some pretty bumpy terrain at Bingley St Ives, my bag never once felt loose or out of place.

So far so good for the Pro-Series bag, but there is a couple of downsides in my opinion. Number one, this bag is heavy. Number two, this bag is expensive. Because there are so many pockets, features, dividers, and accessories it's inevitable that the bag will be weighed down - especially when you've got your clubs in there too.

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

Although the premium combination of PU and nylon fabrics will mean that this bag does have some decent water resistance, for £209.99 I would expect this cart bag to be fully waterproof, unfortunately it's not which will put some hardcore golfers off. For an extra £50 you can get a fully-waterproof Dry-Series bag and the only thing you will lose is the jumbo putter well. Do golfers really need a jumbo putter well as well as 14-way divider?

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag Verdict

Overall, true to form of late, Motocaddy have delivered another great cart bag. It has all the bells and whistles you could ever need, and more. If you already own a Motocaddy trolley of any kind then investing in a bag like this makes total sense.

Personally however I just think that cart golf bags like this can be a little over the top. Do you really need all that space, all that weight and every feature to enjoy your golf?

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

Who Is It Aimed At?

The avid golfer. The player who wants to take the kitchen sink out on the golf course with him. The golfer that needs space in abundance and isn't afraid to pay for it. The golfer that likes everything to match. You know the type.

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

Would I Use It?

I can 100% see why this bag will be an obvious choice for many but for me I can't ever imagine a situation in which I would need so much space for a round of golf.

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Bag

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Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Golf Bag

Motocaddy Pro-Series Cart Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch17 March 2021
UK Launch RRP£209.99
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Bag TypesCart
Bag Width17 inches
Bag Weight3.3 kg
Manufacturer's WebsiteMotocaddy Website

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