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About Motocaddy

Such is the impact that Motocaddy have had on the electric golf trolley market that it seems incredible to think that the company was only founded in 2004.

Motocaddy Electric Golf TrolleySince then the small team of committed golfing experts that make up the Motocaddy management have devoted themselves to making the life of every golfer that bit easier.

The Motocaddy commitment to excellence is perhaps best illustrated by the face that the engineers Motocaddy is in partnership with are more used to providing parts for the Airbus.

It is that attention to detail and constant quest for perfection that has allowed Motocaddy to establish such a stellar reputation in such a short space of time. That commitment was rewarded in 2007 with the award winning Motocaddy S3 electric golf cart.

Motocaddy Electric Golf TrolleysMotocaddy's company creed is quite simple, the company is devoted to providing the best Motocaddy electric golf trolleys at the best possible price, hand in hand with the best customer service that the electric golf cart market has to offer. Not the most complicated formula but the perfect equation for success.

The reaction when people use a Motocaddy is almost always the same. Slightly perplexed, the new Motocaddy convert will ask how they ever survived without one.