Martin Hopley

The Linden Lazer electric golf trolley looks very stylish and immediately reminds you of another more expensive make. Despite being much cheaper it still seems very robust on the course.

The wide frame with durable grooved wheels was very stable going up and across steep slopes and felt pretty sturdy. A few of the screws on the frame had to be tightened up though as the top bag holder in particular was a little wobbly with a very heavy tour bag on it.

Linden do supply a tool set with a spare fuse, a screwdriver and a couple of spanners which is either a nice touch or a bit worrying, depending on your view, although you will still need another tool to hold some of the bolts that are recessed when tightening the screws.

The Linden Lazer trolley was easy enough to put up and down and the clip to keep it folded closed is a good feature, although it does not sit absolutely vertical when closed. The bag straps are a little fiddly to get the right length initially, but thereafter are easy to use with their velcro fastenings.

The handle is good and solid and the speed control is a dial that has to be controlled with the side of your thumb or finger, which is not as user friendly as it could be. That said there are other options to control the speed using 2 buttons either side of the dial, but the 'up' speed button did not work on our sample.

The power from the quiet motor is good, although there is a slight delay in it reaching the wheels when you start the trolley from standing. The smallish distance control buttons are easy to use and having all the options in sight is good, but the major drawback is the digital display itself. Viewing the red numbers on a white background is very difficult in bright sunlight so you can't see the speed you are going or the distance left on the distance control function. It also does not flash or provide any other indication that you are stopped via the cruise control function. The traffic light battery charge indicator is welcome, but it will be trial and error to find out what they all mean.

Overall the Linden Lazer is a competent electric golf trolley and a good alternative to the more expensive brands provided you can accept some of it's limitations.

Golfalot Rating: 3 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:


Linden Lazer Golf Trolley

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Trolley TypeElectric
Manufacturer's WebsiteLinden Website

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December 2012

Amazing trolley. Loved it. Use it everytime I play and showing no signs of wear and tear. Would definitely recommend this to any golfer!

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