Martin Hopley

The Linden Sport 2 electric golf trolley certainly looks the part and it is very easy to fold up and down and we especially like the clip that holds the trolley closed when folded down. It can take a full tour bag easily although the bottom strap only just makes it round the base of the bag.

The display and controls are simple to understand and use, although the vertically mounted dial controller is not as easy to use as some. The digital display is OK unless you are in bright sunlight when it becomes very hard to see what speed you are doing.

Included with the Sport 2 trolley is a tool set with a spare fuse, a screwdriver and a couple of spanners which is either a nice touch or a little concerning.

The cruise control and distance functions are very good but the Electronic Brake Function is passable at best. In our tests it did not seem to slow, let alone stop, the trolley going down anything more than a gentle slope, unlike some top of the range models out there. The weight of the bag also seemed to have an influence so if you have a light cart bag and play on predominantly flat golf courses then this should not be an issue.

If you do play on hilly courses then the power from the motor was sufficient to get up most hills, even if the general noise of the motor was a bit loud. The stability of the wide frame was very good, even across steep slopes and if you are on a budget then this would be a good trolley to consider.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:


Linden Sport 2 Golf Trolley

Linden Sport 2 Golf Trolley - Product Details

Trolley TypeElectric
Manufacturer's WebsiteLinden Website

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August 2011

A good albeit basic trolley. It is quick an easy to assemble. It copes well with steep gradients. The downside for me is that the controls are a bit fiddly and the display is difficult to read in sunlight.

June 2011

As a regular golfer this meets my expectations. It is powerful enough on the hilly golf course I play at and is easy to operate. A good looking golf trolley that can be folded and transported in the compact size boot of my BMW. I am happy with my purchase and will refer friends to the Linden Golf website as the service was excellent.

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