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British golf trolley specialists Golfstream released the Blue Electric Trolley last year, claiming that it is "the simplest electric trolley in golf".

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

Whilst plenty of other manufacturers are working on cramming as much technology and extra features as possible into their offerings, Golfstream have gone in another direction with this entry-level option by stripping it back and making things as simple as possible.

As a result you get a trolley which comes in at just £469, making it one of the most affordable electric trolleys on the market. But, can it still keep up with its competition?

The Tech

This is usually one of the longest sections when it comes to a trolley review, but thankfully this time the minimalistic design of the Blue trolley means that there is less to talk about than normal.

Golfstream's trolleys use a one-click open and close mechanism, meaning that the golfer simply lifts the handle from a folded position and the trolley then clicks into place and is ready to use in less than a second.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

To fold down, simply press on the folding mechanism and push the handle down and the trolley. There's a built-in magnet to keep the trolley in the closed position, making it easier to carry and manoeuvre.

The trolley has a compact three-wheel design, with wheels that are designed to be easily removed or attached for quick maintenance, as well as a non-clog front wheel which is ideal for adverse weather.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

The trolley is said to fold down flatter than any other manufacturer, at 280mm with the wheels on, and weighs just under 9kg.

There's a 230w whisper-quiet motor and high-grip PU tyres which are five times more durable than normal tyres for a smooth, cushioned ride.

Golfstream Blue Electric Trolley Review


Setting up the Golfstream Blue is extremely simple, mainly because the trolley already comes fully assembled with the wheels attached and essentially requires just one movement to go from folded to fully set up.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

This is a positive if you're looking for ease of use and speed, but it also means that you have a much bigger footprint than other trolleys which are able to fold up the front wheel, and also allow the main spine to fold in half.

As Golfstream says the trolley does fold very flat, but that doesn't mean it's small. If you've got a small car boot then you may be struggling a little bit for space, but it fitted comfortably in mine (with my golf clubs across the back seat).

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

When you arrive at the course, getting the trolley ready for use really does take a matter of seconds which is a bonus for someone like me, who always seems to be in a rush to make it on to the first tee.

At around 9kg the trolley is pretty lightweight without the battery which is good when moving it around, and this also transfers out on to the golf course too.


The trolley has a pretty basic design which fits in well with it's simplistic approach, and the sleek lines of the main frame actually help it to look smart.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

Personally I'm not a huge fan of the white wheels, you can see that the likes of PowaKaddy and Motocaddy have moved away from this in recent years and their trolleys look better as a result, so my preference would be for something darker which matches the rest of the body.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

The rest of the trolley is extremely simple in its design, with a small folding mechanism and a very minimalistic handle, featuring just a small light to indicate that the trolley is switched on and a blue button to start/stop and change speed.

The battery, rather than slotting into place like is the case with the likes of PowaKaddy and Motocaddy, sits inside a small section on the trolley's base and is connected via cord, with a clip to hold it in place.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

This is a slight throwback and may not be as sleek as other modern battery designs like the PowKaddy CT8 GPS, and while it's functionality does work well, this combined with the design of the wheels I found to subsequently age the trolley a bit.


Whilst there were a couple of small gripes with the trolley's performance on the course, on the whole I was really impressed with how it worked.

The motor is among the quietest I have tested, which really impressed me and helps to add to a premium feel on the course, whilst the lightweight frame provides plenty of manoeuvrability and the trolley feels really nimble.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

The wheels provide plenty of traction and there's a smooth easy ride even when traversing different slopes on the course, with a pretty responsive dial for changing the speed. The trolley does take a second or so to kick in when you first press the button to start, although this isn't a bad thing as it gives you a moment to prepare for setting off.

The handle felt a little bit basic and wasn't as comfortable as the padded rubber options that other brands employ, for example the Motocaddy M7 GPS, and I couldn't see a way to adjust the handle height either which could be a bit of an issue for golfers who are taller or shorter.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

Finally, I also would've liked some sort of a battery indicator so that you had an idea of how much power you have left, so if you were to buy this trolley I'd recommend just getting into the habit of charging the battery up before every round - again a slight throwback to older trolleys.

Golfstream Blue Electric Trolley Verdict

There were a couple of features that I would ideally like to add to the Blue Trolley, but if you're on a budget, at £469 I really think you'll struggle to find a better electric trolley.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

I understand that some people like to have all of the technology and features available to them but I actually found the simplicity pretty refreshing, and it's the easiest-to-use trolley I have tested.

The performance was reliable, it's really simple to setup and use, and despite being less expensive it still feels pretty premium on the whole.

Would I Use It?

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

Absolutely. If I was looking to buy an electric trolley and didn't want to spend and arm and a leg, this is where I'd be looking.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Golfers who are on a budget but still want to use an electric trolley, or golfers who want a no-frills option which allows them to crack on with their golf without any other distractions.

Golfstream Blue Trolley Review

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars


Golfstream Blue Golf Trolley

Golfstream Blue Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK LaunchOctober 2022
UK Launch RRP£469
European LaunchOctober 2022
Trolley TypeElectric
Weight With Battery9kg
Manufacturer's WebsiteGolfstream Website

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