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Duca del Cosma are an Italian brand who produce premium, eye-catching golf shoes which often seek to blur the lines between fashion and golfing function.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

Established in 2004 by two designers, one Italian and one German, the brand claim to have introduced the world's first spikeless golf shoe in 2006 and are now based in Holland.

They recently released their new SS23 collection featuring new styles and innovations, and I got my hands on a pair of the spikeless Pagani to see how they performed.

The Tech

There are four different style categories in Duca del Cosma's golf shoe range - Pro, Fashion, Sport and Classic. The Pagani is said to be the brand's standout model in the 'Fashion' section.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

It is crafted from premium microfibre and merges fashionable design with athletic technologies to make it versatile enough to be worn both on and off the course.

There's an ultra-light D-Eva outsole to provide all-day comfort and performance, and an ArneFlex memory foam insert sole which also features recycled cork for comfort and breathability.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

A waterproof sock system gives the shoe protection from wet weather, while there are a combination of hexagonal and 'go and back' lugs on the sole to provide traction and stability whilst walking and swinging.

The Pagani is available in three different colourways - White/Green, White/Black and White/Grey, which is the pair that I received to test. In keeping with the premium look and design, the shoes also come with a premium price tag - £179.95 puts these at the top end of the scale when it comes to a spikeless golf shoe.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review


The Pagani shoe blends both traditional and modern styling. It's a smart upper, but the bottom half is more trainer-like than a traditional golf shoe, particularly given the sole design.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

The thickness of the midsole, particularly towards the heel, reminded me of a running shoe and is there to give you a bit of extra cushioning whilst adding to the modern aesthetic.

They're quite an eye-catching design and they actually felt like quite a big shoe on my feet, as they had a slightly higher profile than most shoes. In all honesty, the look wasn't quite to my taste as I felt the combination of on and off-course looks was just a bit busy for me.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

The White/Grey model of this shoe was probably my favourite of the range, and Duca del Cosma also provide a choice of either yellow or white laces so that you can decide yourself which you prefer.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

I left the yellow laces in as they were already in the shoe, but to be honest if I was going to use these shoes again I think I'd switch them out.

As you'd expect from a luxury brand like Duca del Cosma, the presentation of their product is as good as always.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

You get a message from the CEO on the inside of the lid, as well as a handy shoe bag which you can use to transport the shoes to and from the course.


The Pagani felt very solid, if a little firm to begin with. Nearly all companies these days boast out-of-the-box comfort and whilst they certainly weren't uncomfortable, it did feel as if they'd take a bit more breaking in than most trainer-style shoes - more like the FootJoy Premiere range that have been so popular.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

I got plenty of stability and lots of traction from the lugs, which add to the overall comfort because you can feel them a little bit as you walk. It does mean that you sacrifice a bit of softness, although it provides a bit of extra reassurance too.

The sole is there to cushion the landing and give you a little more energy return as you walk and swing and I could feel it there, although I'd say it was counteracted a little by the rigidity of the traction lugs on the bottom of the shoe.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

I perhaps would've preferred a slightly thicker or more padded tongue in keeping with the trainer-like comfort that Duca del Cosma suggest.

The fit was true to size for me as a Size 9 UK and not too narrow, so if you've got slightly wider than average feet you should still be ok.

There aren't any half sizes available though which is a little disappointing, so if you're somebody who is often between sizes then you might have to try a couple of different options.


Whilst there was a good level of traction provided by the sole, especially as I did my testing when the ground conditions were still damp and soft, I'd still class this as a summer shoe as the upper and midsole design definitely lends itself to warmer and drier conditions.

My foot felt nicely locked in and I didn't experience any slippage or movement during the swing, even when hitting from a couple of awkward lies or in greasy rough.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

The company promise that the shoes are waterproof and I found that to be true from my testing, although I did find that they tended to pick up a bit of dirt and debris on the sole - whilst any mud is also going to stand out pretty clearly on the bright white midsole and upper!

The more I wore these shoes, the more I could feel them softening and this only added to the performance. I was also expecting them to feel heavier too, but my feet still felt fresh and it felt easy to move at the end of the round.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Verdict

The Pagani shoes provide the premium look and feel that we have come to expect from the brand over the last few years, and if you're looking for something stylish that can be used on and off the course then they could be right up your street.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

Looking good is only half the battle with golf shoes though and the performance has to back it up. Whilst it did feel like they took a little bit of breaking in, by the end of the round they were comfortable and stable.

They are pricey but people who are going to buy these golf shoes will have the budget and are looking for something that is made with premium materials to make a bit of a statement on the course.

Duca del Cosma Pagani Shoe Review

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Duca Del Cosma Pagani Golf Shoe

Duca Del Cosma Pagani Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch14 March 2023
UK Launch RRP£179.95
European Launch14 March 2023
European Launch RRP€199
Sizes6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsWhite/Grey/Blue, White/Green/Black, White/Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteDuca Del Cosma Website

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