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Italian shoemakers Duca Del Cosma style themselves as providing golf shoes that still retain all the hallmarks of a fashion shoe, so that you can look good as well as receiving high performance whilst on the course.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

Over the past few years, the brand has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity thanks to its bold designs and colour schemes, making the shoes more and more recognisable in shops or on the pro shop wall.

Earlier this year, my colleague George tested out the casual spikeless Monterosso model and was impressed with how easily these could perform as an on-off course shoe - perfect for a quick nine holes in the evening before having a couple of drinks in the bar with your friends afterwards.

Duca Del Cosma Monterosso Shoe

I received the slightly more serious Heritage model, which is the brand's first spiked shoe and comes with a host of features whilst also somewhat retaining the look of an everyday shoe.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

The Heritage is available in three different colour options - white/grey, black and brown - and you also get the choice of two different waxed lace colours which is a nice way to add a little bit of a personal touch to your choice.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Shoe Review

Duca Del Cosma refer to themselves as showcasing 'Italian Golf Evolution' - and this is clear right away. The shoe is a combination of modern features whilst also retaining some classical styling which the name 'Heritage' suggests.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

Put simply, this is a trainer-shaped shoe with a spiked sole, which has a modern-looking heel with a traditional brogue-style at the front.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

At first I wasn't too sure whether this would really work as a combination. But, I have to say the the style grew on me the more I looked at it and I think they are one of the pairs that look better when you're wearing them rather than when you just see them on their own. Obviously this is not great if you're looking for instant shelf-appeal but that is just my opinion.

The shoe's upper is made from full-grain leather featuring Acquastop waterproof technology, ensuring that they can be used year-round. A high-density foam Arneflex insole allows for excellent shock absorption whilst also providing breathability.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

On the sole, the combination of the Tour Lock Technology (soft spikes) and Cross Protection System (extra lugs) provide extreme grip regardless of the weather conditions, and I have to say that I was really impressed with the amount of traction that the shoes generate whilst swinging.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

The spikes really do feel like they are 'locking' in to the ground well which allows you to swing with confidence.

I was a little bit worried that the brogue section at the front would mean that this shoe wasn't fully waterproof but during testing I was more than satisfied that the Acquastop was doing its job.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

In terms of comfort, as these are full leather they did feel a little firm to begin with and it did take a while to break into them so that they felt really comfortable. If you do go for a pair of these shoes and think that they might be a little stiff then I suggest that you stick with them for a couple more rounds and things should start to improve.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

The traction on these shoes, along with fact that they are waterproof, means that you could technically use them all year round. However I would be reluctant to, firstly because the colourway I tested them in was all white, but also because of the texture and stitching at the front of the foot.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

Can you imagine how long it would take to clean these if they had mud all over them?! I think you'd be better off saving them for drier, sunnier days as they'll look best when they're gleaming white.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Shoe Verdict

I think that on the whole, Duca Del Cosma is geared more towards the 'fashion' side of golf shoes rather than pure performance, and it probably shows a little with the Heritage.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

That's not to say that they aren't a good golf shoe, because they performed well during testing. After being initially uncertain I now think that these shoes look good (especially in the white), there's plenty of traction and enough other technology included that its clear these are more than just a casual shoe with some spikes stuck on the bottom.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

Having said that, I think you can tell the difference between these and other 'top-end' golf shoes like the Ecco S-Three or FootJoy Pro/SL, which just seem to offer you slightly more in my opinion.

If you're looking for pure performance and comfort, then I'd probably pick one of those over the Heritage.

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

However I suppose that's part of the deal if you are considering a pair of these shoes. It's kind of like buying an expensive sports car - it looks great and performs well, but maybe isn't as roomy or practical as a typical family SUV. I'll leave you to decide which one suits your needs better...


  • One of Duca's best looking shoes

  • Great stability

  • A good start for the brand's first spiked shoe


  • Looks will not be for everyone

  • At £200+ they aren't cheap

  • Could have been more comfortable 'out of the box'

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoes

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Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoe

Duca Del Cosma Heritage Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch RRP£200
European Launch RRP€229
Sizes7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Colour OptionsWhite/Navy, Brown, Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteDuca Del Cosma Website

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