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I have been a big fan of Ecco golf shoes for a number of years, and I think that they are quite possibly the most comfortable and stable shoes on the market.

Whilst they probably aren't known as the type of shoes that younger golfers would tend to wear, their aesthetics have really improved in recent years and this should help to broaden their appeal particularly as there have been plenty of twentysomethings and younger getting into the game in the last couple of years.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

The new BIOM C4 hybrid shoe continues the combination of a more contemporary aesthetic but it is still packed with plenty of technology to give you the comfort and stability that you need out on the course.

The Tech

The C4 is designed to give 360 degree breathability, so that you can stay cool and comfortable right throughout your round even in the warmest conditions.

The shoe also provides a balance of cushioning, rebound, waterproofing and air-flow.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

A newly update BIOM last provides plenty of support and control, whilst the TPU 'post' elements on the side of the shoe add extra stability despite the fact it is spikeless.

Ecco's Natural Motion technology gives golfers a free range of movement whilst keeping them close to the ground.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

The Exhaust Grid sees large, angled openings added to the midsole of the shoe which help to scoop in fresh air and direct it to the sole of the foot, whilst allowing heat and moisture to escape.

The MTN Grip outsole has three different sections - one for stability, one for ground penetration, and one for rotational support throughout the golf swing.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

Made from Ecco performance leather, the BIOM C4 also features a new stretchy mesh sock that increases comfort whilst also making it a little easier to get the shoe on and off.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoe Review


As I mentioned earlier I think that Ecco shoes have been improving in looks for the past few years since the introduction of the likes of the BIOM Cool Pro and S-Three and these are no different.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

I reviewed the BIOM H4 last year and enjoyed the new modern trainer-like look with additional pops of colour on the midsole, but I think the C4 has surpassed this.

The vents in the midsole look cool, whilst the upper design seems to have been improved and the addition of the mesh sock reminds me of the Puma Alphacat shoe I tested last year and just screams comfort before you've even put the shoe onto your foot.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

When you are wearing the shoe, I think they also look a little sleeker from above than the BIOM H4 with a less rounded toe box and improved look around the laces.

With four different colourways available, including White, Black and Grey options, these shoes should have a pretty wide appeal for golfers and also means that they can be versatile if you play in changeable weather conditions.


For me one of the hallmarks of Ecco golf shoes is that they provide 'out of the box comfort'. No need to break them in, allow the fabric to soften or get used to the fit, you can just put them on and head straight out to the course without any worries.

These are as comfortable as you are going to get for a golf shoe that isn't just a glorified trainer. The mesh sock liner allows the top of your foot to fit snugly in the shoe whilst feeling locked in, and the sole of the shoe itself gave a nice plush ride that still allowed you to feel and use the ground during the golf swing.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

One area where lots of golfers can find issues with shoes is around the heel area, but the addition of extra padding in the C4 means that this part of the foot feels extra locked-in and cushioned, so there is no danger of blisters or too much movement.


During my testing the shoes performed exactly as you'd want them to on a wet, soft golf course where traction, waterproofing and lightweight comfort were necessary.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

Despite being a spikeless shoe, the MTN Grip outsole was fantastic and at no point during my 18 holes of golf did I feel like I was going to slip. In all honesty it's hard to decipher between the three different parts of the outsole whilst you are walking and swinging but it is reassuring to know that the shoe is working with you.

It was a cold day so breathability was never going to be a problem but I didn't sense any issues in this department, whilst the shoes were definitely waterproof as I spent a fair bit of time trudging through the rough to find another plugged tee shot, so the Gore-Tex surround did its job.

Whilst it's only a small thing, the lacing system was generous and allowed you to complete the locked-in feel without any pinching or overtightening. The laces themselves were great quality and Ecco have clearly taken the same template from the BIOM Cool Pro Shoe here.

The main drawback I found from my testing was that the mesh lining got dirty quite quickly and could be difficult to clean, whilst the upper itself tended to collect more mud and debris than a typical shoe.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

For this reason I would be reluctant to use these shoes in this colourway unless it was good weather, even though the performance itself is more than good enough to use in the winter months as well as the summer.

If you're paying £210 for a golf shoe, you probably want it to be usable pretty much all year round though...

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoe Verdict

Another excellent shoe from Ecco, but the big issue for me is the £210 price tag. If they are going to go head to head with the likes of the FootJoy Pro|SL, Adidas or Under Armour in the spikeless shoe market then it's going to be difficult to attract new customers at that price point in my opinion, especially if you're new to the game.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

They also come in at £40 more than the H4 and I'm struggling to see why really, as I felt that the performance was similar even if the look had been improved.

They're the same price as the BIOM Cool Pro, which is really their predecessor, and I think they have improved on that model in terms of looks.

If you're looking for a spikeless golf shoe that is extremely comfortable, provides fantastic traction and stability and with a design that has improved again on last year, then the BIOM C4 is a great option for those who can afford them.

Would I Wear Them?

Unless it's muddy and wet, then definitely yes. They look great, feel great and perform well as Ecco shoes always seem to do.

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes Review

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Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoe

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch10 March 2022
UK Launch RRP£210
European Launch10 March 2022
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12
Colour OptionsBlack, White/Black, Grey/Black, White/Grey
Manufacturer's WebsiteEcco Website

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