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Duca del Cosma was first established in 2004 with the aim of bringing about an 'Italian Golf Evolution'. It's all about providing all the performance you'd want from a golf shoe on the course, but with the style and fashion-conscious design elements that you'd expect from a Italian footwear brand also.

The company changed hands in 2016 and continues to expand into more than 30 countries, whilst its products still retain the quality and personal feel that you'd expect from a company which was started by a husband and wife.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

We've tested a couple of Duca models in the past but next on our testing list is the Kuba 2.0 Shoe, an upgraded version of their best-selling model which is said to fuse 'Italian sophistication with a subtle hint of sporty panache'.

What's It All About?

If you look at Duca del Cosma's golf shoe line-up it is evident that they have a wide array of different styles available, from traditional leather options including the Eldorado and Heritage, to casual and sporty options such as the Monterosso and Tomcat.

The Kuba 2.0 sits somewhere in between, as it has a spikeless outsole which makes it versatile option, but also features plenty of technology to give you the performance that you need out on the golf course.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

The shoe is made from a soft Nappa leather which couples with a breathable OnSteam lining and sock system to provide full waterproof protection.

The Airplay IV outsole is, as the name suggests, the fourth generation of the spikeless outsole and is now made from fully recyclable materials.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

The sole is covered by 'functional nubs' which are said to provide progressive stability and optimal grip, and there is a slightly elevated heel height which is designed to promote a better stance while wearing the shoe.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

Each shoebox contains the personal email address of Duca del Cosma's Chairman, so if you want to give them any feedback or share your own design inspirations, you can! (This is a lovely touch in my opinion...)

Duca Del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review


I received the Kuba 2.0 in the brand's Italian-inspired white, red and green colourway which I initially felt was in danger of being a little garish, especially with the full bright red sole, but actually once on the course - they looked a lot better.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

The design is broadly similar to the original Kuba shoe although I think Duca has done a good job of making the new model look a little more premium, with a little less red around the bottom of the shoe and a more contemporary design on the upper, particularly the breathable toe section.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

This shoe is also available in navy, red and white although I think that looks a little more cluttered in comparison. The idea behind this type of golf shoe is that it is versatile for use off the golf course while still performing on it, and I think the Kuba 2.0 passes the test.

If you were to tone down the size of the nubs on the outsole, for example, you could probably sell this shoe strictly as a trainer and forget that it's a golf shoe at all, which is probably a good indication of it's styling.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

You also get a spare pair of red laces with the shoes if you want to brighten things up a little bit, along with a lightweight shoe bag which is perfect if you're planning on packing them for a golf trip.


When I tested Duca's Heritage shoes last year I was impressed with the overall stability and quality they offered, although I did mention that I felt the 'out of the box comfort' that you get with lots of other golf shoes was perhaps lacking a little.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

The Kuba 2.0 was similar again - they felt a little firm to begin with. This is perhaps indicative of the type of company Duca del Cosma are though. They put such a focus on the quality of their materials that you should treat them as you would an expensive pair of shoes rather than just a pair of golf shoes, so a little bit of 'breaking-in' is arguably to be expected. This isn't a criticism so much as a word of caution.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

You may want to pop these shoes on and wear them around the house for a day or two before you play your first round in them just to make sure that you don't experience any discomfort.

When you do put them on though, you can instantly feel that Duca have put serious effort into the materials they have used, from plush leather to great quality laces and a thick, comfortable tongue.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

Throughout my round I could feel the support and stability that the shoes were giving me, particularly around the heel area which gave a very impressive 'locked-in feel'.

They aren't the lightest shoes I've ever tested, especially considering the more casual spikeless design, but they didn't feel cumbersome and if anything this was reassuring as it was a reminder of both the sturdiness and quality.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

The new Airplay IV sole was fantastic when it came to traction, and I felt absolutely secure on every single shot I hit. However, I tested these shoes in the morning when the grass had just been mowed at the golf course, and the design of the lugs on the sole meant that they picked up an awful amount of debris.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

The sole was pretty much completely covered in grass after just a couple of holes and I had to keep using my club to knock the debris off after every shot - not ideal...

The design of the shoe, with a very slim midsole section, means that you feel nice and low to the ground which is great for getting a bit of feedback if you're someone who likes to use the ground during your golf swing.

Duca Del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Verdict

All in all, the Kuba 2.0 fits exactly into the Duca del Cosma blueprint. It's a fantastic quality shoe which is aimed at the premium end of the market, and provides a combination of bold design features with a level of versatility which is perfect for golfers who aren't opposed to nipping for a drink in the pub straight after their round of golf.

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

The bright red sole and sneaker-style design won't be for everyone, but Duca know that and there are plenty of other more understated shoes in their offering for those golfers.

If you don't mind making a bit of a statement with your golf gear, and you're willing to spend a bit of extra money to get the very best quality from proper shoe craftsmanship, then the Kuba 2.0 may be right up your street.


  • Great levels of grip
  • Secure feel
  • Great quality materials
  • Shoe bag is nice touch
  • Typically bold Duca del Cosma design


  • Picks up LOTS of debris
  • Little bit firm to begin with - not quite 'out of the box' comfort
  • Aesthetic won't be to everyone's taste

Duca del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Shoe Review

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Duca Del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Golf Shoe

Duca Del Cosma Kuba 2.0 Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK LaunchMarch 2021
UK Launch RRP£179.95
European LaunchMarch 2021
European Launch RRP€199
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Colour OptionsWhite/Red/Green
Manufacturer's WebsiteDuca Del Cosma Website

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