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By Jamie Kennedy

"Dream Machines".

That is the tagline used by Stewart Golf to describe their high-end range of golf trolleys. The latest dream machine comes in the form of the all-new Stewart R1 push trolley.

Stewart R1 Trolley

Since 2010, Stewart have launched two push trolleys in the Z1 and more recently the Z3 trolley. Whilst the R1 is an evolution of the Z-series, it boasts a new look, new construction, more storage and folds even smaller.

So how did the folks at Stewart come up with the design?

Stewart R1 Trolley

Having seen success with the Z1 and Z3 trolleys Ross Stewart, Chairman of Stewart Golf, and his team wanted to improve their next trolley and design something totally new and innovative. Keen to differentiate the R1 Push from its competition, the decision was made to design every component from scratch. Not a single part is shared with any other golf trolley in the world.

The result is the R1, a modern push trolley with a simple, yet advanced, rack and pinion folding system. Hence "R" in the name, representing the "rack" system contained within.

Stewart R1 Trolley

Those in the automotive industry will know a rack and pinion system best as the system used in a car steering system to turn the circular movement of turning a steering wheel into the linear movement of the steering rack. In the R1, it is used to help fold down the trolley into an ultra-compact size, 33% smaller than the Z3 model.

Housed within the central tube of the trolley, away from dirt and dust, the rack and pinion mechanism allows all parts of the R1 trolley to collapse as one, simultaneously (see video below).

Stewart R1 Trolley

While the folded size of the new R1 Push is 33% smaller than the outgoing Z3, the console of the machine has 4 times more volume and more features than its predecessor, including four accessory points, three golf ball holders, internal and external scorecard holders, magnetic ball marker, pencil holder and a large storage compartment.

Additionally, specially designed, self-adjusting bag jaws accommodate any style of stand, cart or tour bag, and an innovative new silicone bag strap both adjusts to bag size and grips at the same time.

Stewart R1 Trolley

Stewart Golf CEO Mark Stewart said:

We have a reputation for stepping outside the traditional confines of the trolley market and the R1 Push is another important step in that direction. It’s truly an innovative product that both simplifies and improves what there is on the market.”

Although the genius of the R1 Push was the rack & pinion folding system, the focus on the user experience on the golf course was paramount throughout the design process. We have been able to cram a plethora of features into the handle whilst keeping the aesthetic uncluttered.

The Stewart R1 trolley is available in either a black or white frame, each of which is available with white or black-trimmed wheels.

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Stewart R1 Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch08 July 2014
UK Launch RRP£199
Trolley TypePush
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 34cm, Height: 37cm, Depth: 63cm
Weight Without Battery8.1kg
Colour Options: White/White, White/Black, Black/Black, Black/White
Manufacturer's WebsiteStewart Website

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