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By Andrew Noyce

Stewart Golf has extended its range of luxury golf trolleys with the release of the F1-S Remote.

An updated version of the innovative F1 Lithium model, the F1-S Remote is the world most compact folding remote controlled trolley.

Stewart F1-S Remote Golf Trolley

The F1-S Remote chassis folds in three places and compacts to just 47cm by 66cm by 32cm meaning it can fit into even the most impractical of boots such as the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8.

The chassis of the Stewart F1-S Remote integrates with the purpose designed golf bags that have a rigid spine and a built-in handle. The spine enables the golf bag to support its own weight as well as providing the rigidity for the handle.

Stewart F1-S Remote Golf Trolley

With the same aesthetics as the F1 Lithium, the F1-S Remote has had some impressive tweaks under the hood with a new 7.65Ah Lithium Ion battery that has a 21% greater capacity with increased efficiency thanks to a new Battery Management System.

This drives a pair of new British Built 36V motors that each put out 130W and the latest microprocessr driven control system now features a moisture vent to allow it to breathe in all conditions.

The F1-S Remote has a compact control handset with the options of forward, reverse, left & right as well as 4 programmable cruise control speeds. Like all Stewart trolleys there are emergency stop and glide stop options plus electronic launch control and an electronic torque limiter.

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Stewart F1-S Remote Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch01 March 2016
UK Launch RRP£1749
Trolley TypeElectric
Motor Power260 Watt
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 66cm, Height: 47cm, Depth: 32cm
Colour Options: Black, Red, Blue, Silver
Manufacturer's WebsiteStewart Website

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