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By Jamie Kennedy

Srixon's AD333 ball has been a popular ball with amateur golfers for some time. In fact, the AD333 is the UK's number one selling two-piece ball and has been since 2007. Now for the 2014 season, Srixon are launching the AD333 Tour ball.

The AD333 Tour is designed for amateurs who want the feel and performance of a Tour level ball but don't produce Tour level swing speeds. Common opinion is that a driver swing speed of 95mph or above is classed as Tour level.

Srixon AD333 Tour Ball

Where the standard AD333 ball is just two-pieces, the AD333 Tour is made of three: an outer layer, a soft mid layer and a core.

The outer layer of the ball is covered with Srixon's proprietary Spin Skin Technology. The soft coating helps increase the amount of friction between the clubface and the ball. Srixon's research found an improvement of friction of up to 20%, which they say helps players spin the ball more and control shots better around the green.

You may have heard of Soft Skin before, it was first developed for Srixon's Z-Star balls used by players such as Graeme McDowell and Keegan Bradley.

Underneath the 0.020" cover is the new, soft mid layer. Designed to work with the 344 dimple pattern, this layer is designed to promote both low driver spin and high iron spin whilst also producing a more penetrating flight that performs better in the wind.

Last but not least, is the core. This is not just any core, this is Srixon's Energetic Gradient Growth Core technology. You may be asking what makes a core energetic? Well, Srixon say it is the dual design. The outer region of the core is firmer, whilst it becomes progressively softer as it nears the centre. They say this is where the AD333 Tour gets it explosive, low spin distance from.

Whilst Srixon are pushing their Tour yellow balls, the Srixon AD333 Tour will only be available in white to begin with.

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Srixon AD333 Tour Golf Ball

Srixon AD333 Tour Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch01 March 2014
UK Launch RRP£36
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelMedium
Colour OptionsWhite
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteSrixon Website

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