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Wilson have introduced an update to their Staff Model ball range this year, in an attempt to get more of their Tour players to use them in competition, as well as compete with some of the other big names in the ball market.

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

Whilst Wilson are probably not the first brand you'd think of when it comes to golf balls, they have been consistently producing good quality balls at a reasonable price for some time now.

This year's Staff Model feels like a bit of a step-up from the brand, thanks to a new logo (the same as featured on the new Staff Model Irons, more premium technologies and higher price tag. But will it pay off?

Who Is It Aimed At?

For golfers looking for top-of the range performance when it comes to their golf ball. A price tag in excess of £50 means that it's up against some tricky competition though, with the likes of the TaylorMade TP5, Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway Chrome Tour all in the same price bracket.

It's a four-piece ball which is slightly softer and lower spinning than the Staff Model X, and is expected to fly a little lower too.

The Tech

There are two different balls in the Staff Model range - the standard Staff Model and the Staff Model X.

The Staff Model ball has a unique V-Cor core composition which helps to magnify energy, to produce maximum speeds off the club face for better distance levels.

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

This is the same as the Staff Model X ball, except the standard model has a medium-compression core which is said to offer a little more feel off the clubface, as well as producing flatter ball flights on drives and longer approach shots.

The 4-layer construction is said to work together to encourage shot-shaping off the tee, workability from the fairways, consistent stability on approach shots and control around the green.

On the outside, a 3SIX2 seamless urethane cover which provides maximum spin giving golfers more stopping power on wedge shots around the green.

The Staff Model and Staff Model X balls are painted with a finely controlled application process, which Wilson says ensures a 'flawless' finish for better and more consistent performance.

Wilson Staff Model Golf Ball Review

Looks and Feel

In all honesty, looks probably aren't towards the top of the list when most golfers assess what they want from their golf ball, but I do think that the Staff Model balls looks great.

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

Wilson have switched things up with the box itself, as the standard model features a black colourway rather than the silver of the previous generation, which does probably look a bit smarter in my opinion.

The ball itself has undergone a bit of a redesign too, with a return to the 'Wilson' typescript logo rather than the 'Staff' of the previous ball, as well as including Wilson's new Staff Model logo. Whilst I was actually a fan of the 'Staff' script, I think the change to the logo and text is a big improvement as it looks a little classier and more understated.

Wilson have been talking about their own unique painting technique for a couple of years now, which they suggest provides performance benefits, but I also think it makes the ball look great too.

There's also a really handy alignment line that doubles up as the side stamp on the ball, which is great for golfers who like to line the ball up to the whole whilst putting.

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

The standard Staff Model ball is softer than their Staff Model X, and especially on shorter iron shots as well as chips and pitches around the green, it definitely felt nice and soft which is a feeling that I slightly prefer, as it gives you the impression that you've got a little more touch on these shots.


I tested this golf ball down at Hukd Golf, up against my own Titleist Pro V1 which is the kind of ball that Wilson are going up against.

Starting with the 100 yard wedge shot, the Staff Model ball had around 600rpm more spin on average than the Pro V1, which I felt I could actually feel off the face as the responsiveness on the shorter wedge shots was among the highest I have felt from a top-end ball.

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

The 7 iron numbers were right were I'd expect them to be, and were almost identical to the Pro V1 with the same average carry distance and the same lower peak height that you get from golf balls like this.

A spin rate of just over 5000rpm is relatively low for a 7 iron, although the irons I use are relatively strong lofted (30.5 degrees for a 7 iron) which goes some way to explaining this too, and when I tested the balls on the course I still found that the ball was able to stop relatively easily on the greens.

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

With the driver, a slightly lower spin rate again meant that I was able to squeeze out a couple of extra yards in carry distance even though the ball speeds were slightly lower.

Out on the course, I found that the ball seemed to perform well when I tested it in windy conditions, probably thanks to the slightly low ball flight and the low spin. I tested it head to head with my own Pro V1 out on the course and I could barely distinguish anything between the two in the long game.

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

Around the green and whilst putting, I really enjoyed the soft feel off the face and found the ball to be really responsive with plenty of spin too. I hit a few bunker shots with the same ball and the durability was impressive too, so if you're somebody who is lucky enough to not lose many balls, you'll be able to use each model for a good while before needing to switch it out.

Wilson Staff Model Golf Ball Verdict

A couple of years ago I tested Wilson's Triad golf ball and said that I thought many more golfers should be looking at them because the performance was excellent, and their price tag of less than £40 meant that they were very competitive in the market.

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

The new Wilson Staff Model ball is one of the best that they have produced, both in terms of looks and feel but also in the performance too.

Testing against the Titleist Pro V1, regarded as the number one ball in golf, proved that this golf ball is more than good enough to compete with the big models at the top end of the market.

The main gripe I have with the ball though, is the price tag. Wilson have worked hard to redevelop their 'Staff' brand over the past few years in order to develop a more premium product which will be attractive to Tour players or golfers at the top of the game.

The issue is that a price tag of over £50 means it will come directly up against the likes of the Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5 and Callaway Chrome Tour which are much more established brands. Had they gone in a little cheaper they may have seen more success in sales, but if you're looking for a new premium golf ball then they are more than capable of mixing it with the big names.

Would I Use Them?

Definitely, I'd put these balls right up among the best golf balls that you can buy, and I'd say that both the Staff Model and the Staff Model X are the best premium golf balls that Wilson have produced for quite some time.

Wilson Staff Model Golf Ball Pros and Cons

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Ball Review

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Wilson Staff Model 2024 Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Model 2024 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK LaunchJanuary 2024
UK Launch RRP£52
European LaunchJanuary 2024
European Launch RRP€58
Handicap Range
Ball Construction4-Piece
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

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