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By Andrew Noyce

Any product that makes its 7th generation is doing something right.

Srixon's AD333 is the UK's best-selling 2-piece golf ball so the latest version will be as eagerly anticipated as it is expected, designed to deliver distance and feel to golfers with swing speeds of 80mph or over.

Srixon AD333 2015 Golf Balls

Like many successful things there is no need to re-invent the wheel so the latest AD333 features improvements to the familiar features that made up the previous generation of the AD333, all of which add up to longer distance and more spin around the green for the majority of club golfers.

Srixon AD333 2015 Golf Balls

All the golf balls that Srixon makes are built around their Energetic Gradient Growth Core that features a varying stiffness across the core. This stiffness variation results in superior performance benefits versus a core of uniform stiffness. The ball has a firmer outer layer then becomes progressively softer towards the centre. The new E.G.G Core has a harder compression by 1 point compared to the previous generation which increases ball speed.

This technology offers more distance and less spin off the tee and from shots struck with more speed, whilst also offering control and spin around the greens.

The control around the green is further improved by Srixon's SpinSkin technology that has been upgraded for the latest AD333 and is the same as used in the Srixon Z-Star. A new urethane cover, which has less bonding making it more flexible and durable, improves friction between the golf ball and the club surface by 18% to give the best greenside performance of any AD333.

Srixon AD333 2015 Golf Balls

Increased speed, and therefore distance, is delivered through Srixon's next generation Speed Dimple pattern that has produced a more uniform design for the 324 dimples that covers a higher area of the ball surface. This reduces drag and creates more distance and less wind resistance. The Aero Power Dimple design results in a penetrating trajectory and a higher lift force that gives greater carry and distance with superior stability.

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Srixon AD333 2015 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch15 September 2015
UK Launch RRP£30
USA Launch15 September 2015
Ball Construction2-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite, Yellow
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteSrixon Website

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