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By Andrew Noyce

Whether we like it or not winter is on its way, but that shouldn't prevent you from performing on the golf course. Golf glove manufacturer Kasco believe if the course is open then you should be able to play your best.

Often golfers find they cannot hit the same shots in the colder months due to a lack of feel in their hands. Kasco has tackled this problem head on with the Winter Fit golf gloves designed to keep your hands warm and maintain performance in even the coldest of conditions.

Kasco Winter Gloves

The Winter Fit gloves benefit from Heat-Tex material across the knuckles and back of the hands that helps maintain warmth and increases blood flow during the round. This heat is trapped around your hand by an elasticated velcro wrist strap that also has the benefit of offering a better fit.

Kasco Winter Gloves

The glove is completed with a synthetic material on the palm to ensure that you can maintain a strong grip in both dry or wet weather conditions.

Matthew Hazelden, Head of Sales for Kasco in Europe, explains the benefits:

We know from customer feedback that golfers seek gloves that not only keep their hands warm out on the course, but can also be used to swing the club and hit shots as they would during the summer months. The playing-nature of the Winter Fit means that golfers don't have to remove the gloves between shots and so they help speed up play during those desperately colder days.

The Kasco Winter Fit gloves are available in XS (19-20cm), S (21-22cm), M (23-24cm), L (25-26cm), XL (27-28cm) and XXL (29-30cm) size options in a black colour scheme.



Kasco Winter Fit Golf Glove

Kasco Winter Fit Golf Glove - Product Details

UK Launch01 October 2014
UK Launch RRP£29.99
Manufacturer's WebsiteKasco Website

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