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By Martin Hopley

Maria Bonzagni is the Senior Director of Marketing for Gloves & Accessories at FootJoy and at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show I caught up with her to find out what is new with the latest update to the classic StaSof glove.

FootJoy StaSof Glove Maria Bonzagni

Hi Maria. You've announced the next iteration of the FootJoy StaSof glove. What improvements have you made for 2016?

We’ve continued to innovate and we’ve improved elastication on the back of the glove so it continues to be better and more tailored fit. It is made from Taction 2 Advanced Performance Cabretta leather that not only can you feel, but you can also hear it too.

FootJoy StaSof Glove

It performs beautifully in all weather conditions not just ideal conditions. As your hand perspires the more moisture there is the better the grip performs.

It certainly feels very soft, so how do you get the leather like this?

It takes over 40 steps to manufacture a StaSof glove and it continues to be the #1 on glove on Tour and trusted by over 800 Tour professionals worldwide. It is our BMW. The performance you get from the tannage in the leather is unparalleled. You do not need to add all these bells and whistles to make a glove better.

StaSof is about the purity of the product and if you get the correct fit then with the performance of the leather you are ready to go. The PowerNet mesh across the knuckle and the angled ComforTab Velcro closure works with the leather to create this perfect fit.

FootJoy StaSof Glove Maria Bonzagni

When you decide to improve a glove does it come from player feedback or is it the development of new materials?

We collaborate closely with Pittards Of England and we may say we need an improvement in ‘X’ and they deliver that. It is just a series of little improvements that make a big difference on a substance that is just 0.45mm thick.

So it is on on-going collaboration and I have already had discussions with them on the 2018 StaSoft and what we need to do for that glove.

It is a constant refinement of the impregnation of the leather - we are not adding more in terms of lycra or additional stitches, but we continue to refine the glove. It is the same skin, but it is the tannage that gives it the perspiration resistance and the water resistance so ultimately over time it will perform longer.

FootJoy StaSof Glove

How long is the development cycle for improving a glove like the StaSof?

It is about 2 to 3 years to refine the product and make it better and that is the secret of its longevity. StaSof is a brand that has been in the market for over 35 years and I challenge you to think of another golf brand that is still in existence in 2016 from 1980.

There aren’t many and StaSof continues to stand the test of time from a variety of different elements, but the key ingredients are the feel, the tannage, the fit and the performance. From our connection with the golfer when we make those refinements, we validate it with them and then you have the foundation of a great grip that works with you rather than against you.

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FootJoy StaSof 2016 Golf Glove - Product Details

UK Launch22 March 2016
UK Launch RRP£20
USA Launch22 March 2016
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