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FootJoy are the number one brand when it comes not only to shoes but to gloves too, and this year they have introduced the newest iteration of their StaSof Glove which has won the hearts and hands of Tour players and amateur golfers for the last 40 years.

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

The hands are the only part of your body which are in contact with the golf club during the golf swing, so having a glove which is comfortable, durable and fits well is paramount.

We've all had those rounds of golf where we're using a glove that has a hole in it or has been left to go crispy at the bottom of your bag, and it's not fun... I can't even imagine how people like Fred Couples can play without one.

The Tech

You may think that there is only so much technology that can go into a golf glove, and whilst that might be broadly true, FootJoy claim that they have completely re-engineered the StaSof this time around to keep improving it after 40 years.

Footoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

The new features include:

  • Soft Feel and Premium Advanced Performance Leather - The new StaSoft uses premium Cabretta leather which is designed to feel softer and last longer.

  • All-Climate Grip - An exclusive APL leather maximises moisture resistance, providing grip performance and durability in all weather conditions.

  • Precision Fit, Unmatched Comfort - A hand-crafted construction, and the precise placement of moisture-wicking elastics provides a consistent precision fit with unmatched comfort, taking inspiration from FootJoy's PureTouch glove.

  • PowerNet - Including strategically positioned PowerNet mesh and perforations seeks to enhance breathability, flexibility and comfort.

  • Angled ComforTab Velcro - The angled velcro closure secures the glove in place and provides a consistent, sure fit.

The StaSof is priced at £22.99 and is available in sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large, including the all-important Medium-Large which seems to cater to so many golfers.

FootJoy StaSof Glove Review

FootJoy always seem to do a good job of keeping things simple and smart when it comes to packaging and design of their product, and straight away the StaSof looks and feels premium thanks to the all-black sleeve and packaging.

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

The glove itself is pretty plain in appearance which is my preference, but if you like to make a statement with your golf gear then you may be a little disappointed as it is only available in white.

Feel is the most important thing for me when it comes to a glove, I want it to be comfortable and soft. The StaSof feels great, it's so soft both on the inside and out.

Footoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

There is also a good amount of stretch in the right areas over the knuckles, but you can't feel any of the seams or stitching on your hand which is a big plus for me.

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

This may also seem like a small thing but making sure that you've got the right size of glove can also have a big effect on your grip and even your ball-striking, and FootJoy themselves suggest that more than half of golfers are wearing the wrong size, with most of them choosing one which is too big.

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

I also don't really like gloves that are too thick as I think it makes it harder to feel the golf club in your hands, you still want that point of contact to be able to manipulate the club a little bit, and the StaSof felt like the perfect thickness.

There is just enough tackiness from the cabretta leather to keep the club securely in place and allow you to swing freely and with confidence, and I even tested the glove by brushing my hand across damp grass before hitting my shot and it still worked well.

If you're playing in rain, a rain glove is a better option, but if you get caught in the odd shower the StaSof should still be up to the task.

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

Whilst early April in Manchester is not exactly the ideal proving ground for breathability, the perforations along the finger and in the mesh fabric across the knuckles certainly felt like it was keeping my hand aerated. The StaSfo provided that vital bit of stretch that you need when gripping and swinging the club.

A leather glove is not going to be as durable as a synthetic counterpart but after a couple of rounds of golf in varying conditions it still looks pretty fresh which is impressive too.

FootJoy StaSof Glove Verdict

Golf gloves can often be overlooked pieces of gear and the number of times you see golfers searching through the bottom of their bag for an old one, or running into the Pro Shop to buy "the cheapest one you do" suggest that golfers are selling themselves short in this department.

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

I love the feel of a leather glove, they're so soft to the touch and it's just one of those simple pleasures to pull a fresh glove out of the packet and put it on for the first time before teeing up.

The StaSof is just about as good as it gets in this category. It looks and feels great, gives you good grip and is more durable than you might expect for a leather option.

At £22.99 they aren't cheap and so I think I'd probably save it for competitions or important games of golf, and use a cheaper option for range sessions or a friendly knock.

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

This is the number one glove for Tour players and it's easy to see why - if you're looking for performance, get your hands on a StaSof.

Footoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove Review

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FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove - Product Details

UK Launch30 March 2023
UK Launch RRP£22.99
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Manufacturer's WebsiteFootJoy Website

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