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Around a decade ago, your on-course reputation would have taken somewhat of a hit if you were seen with an electric trolley doing the proverbial “work for you”. In today’s technological climate however, things have changed a little. Embarrassing though it may seem, we’d struggle to live without our on-course club carriers and with Motocaddy’s latest offering - they may have just made our reliability a little stronger.

Motocaddy have today launched what it describes as its most technologically advanced electric trolley ever and in doing so, has become the first trolley brand to combine a GPS System and smart phone app.

Motocaddy S5 Connect Golf Trolley

In today’s tech-saturated golf market, we’re fairly surprised that this connection from golf trolley to GPS System hasn’t taken place sooner. It seems fairly strange that the market has seen GPS watches, range finders, GPS mobile apps, and a whole host of products to hold golf GPS products on golf trolleys, but never actually integrated the two together into the same product. With the Motocaddy S5 Connect, golfers no longer have to worry. The problem of multiple products resulting in the same function has been eradicated.

The S5 Connect Trolley can be synced to the mobile app via a Bluetooth connection on any compatible smartphone which allows the trolley’s digital display to be used in place of a conventional GPS. The app overs golfers’ front, middle and back distances to the green in both yards and metres along with the par of the hole, clock and a round timer.

Motocaddy S5 Connect Golf Trolley

Tony Webb, Motocaddy Managing Director explains:

The S5 Connect is at the forefront of golf technology and we’re proud to be pioneering the next generation of electric trolleys. It acts as the ultimate caddy for any golfer out on the course, as it carries your bag and gives you accurate yardages.

As we’ve come to expect with Motocaddy, in terms of the trolleys mobility, they have adopted the attitude of “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. The simple digital control button works in the same way as other Motocaddy models, regulating the nine speed setting and stopping and starting as the golfer wishes around the course.

The S5 Connect can also receive notifications alerting the golfer of an incoming call, texts, plus a range of app alerts from Facebook and WhatsApp. This optional feature, although technologically impressive and useful in some instances on the golf course, is definitely a nod to the younger, more socially active golfer.

This is something acknowledged by Motocaddy as Webb continues:

The first iPhone was launched a decade ago and since then a lot has changed in golf technology. We’re certainly not encouraging golfers to keep checking their phones during play, on the contrary, we believe the S5 Connect could actually reduce phone use because it tells you all you need to know and can be pre-set to let you focus on your game. It is also incredibly easy to disable notifications altogether when needed.

As well as the innovative ‘smart’ technology, the S5 Connect includes the modern look and features found on the latest S-Series models, including: a soft-touch ergonomic handle, streamlined battery tray to accommodate the full range of Lithium batteries, the exclusive super-fast Quikfold mechanism, low-profile quick release wheels, Adjustable Distance Control and compatibility with the Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system.

Motocaddy S5 Connect Golf Trolley

The mobile app itself is available free to download on iOS and Android and features a number of easy-to-use modes that can be used without syncing to the S5 Connect trolley, making it a fully-featured mobile GPS device.

Through the ‘Play Now’ mode, 36,000 courses worldwide are accessible with overhead maps and detailed yardages, distance of the last shot and dedicated greenside information. Golfers can also use the ‘Shot Planning Control’ to pinpoint how far any target is on the course; while the automatic course recognition and hole advancement enables the app to move between holes and view the lie of the land during play.

Motocaddy S5 Connect Golf Trolley

Motocaddy has addressed the ever-frustrating problem of battery life with this new product also. The ‘Power Save’ option changes the look of the app simply providing front, middle and back yardages as well as a round timer, the hole number, par of the hole and clock, while preserving phone battery capacity and reducing data usage in the process.

The S5 Connect is also available in Motocaddy DHC Downhill Control fomat.

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Motocaddy S5 Connect Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch30 June 2017
UK Launch RRP£549.99
European Launch30 June 2017
GolferMens, Women
Trolley TypeElectric
Wheelbase59.5 cm
Motor Power200 Watt
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 59.5cm, Height: 35.5cm, Depth: 85cm
Weight Without Battery9kg
Colour Options: Black, White
Manufacturer's WebsiteMotocaddy Website

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