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Honma has added a new range of game improvement clubs to its T/World series, specifically aimed at those golfers with lower swing speeds who are looking to increase their ball speed and distance, without having to compromise on the quality and feel of their equipment.

Honma Gain Speed Range

Designed and engineered by Master Craftsmen in Japan, the T/World GS (Gain Speed) range is made up of new drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons for both men and women.

The clubs are built with draw-biased designs which makes it easier for golfers to square the club face, and use technology and design features to deliver better head speeds for distance and forgiveness in a confidence-inspiring shape.

The GS range delivers the incredible styling and performance associated with Honma golf equipment and is a welcome addition to our renowned T/World game improvement series. Golfers seeking more distance and game improvement performance from their golf equipment should take a serious look at the new GS range in stores and at fitting events across Europe.

Alejandro Sanchez, General Manager of Honma Golf Europe

Honma GS Driver

The adjustable GS driver features what Honma are describing as a 'crank-shaped' slot on the sole, which keeps up ball speeds on strikes across the face and so helps to reduce the loss of distance you experience when you don't hit it out of the middle.

Honma Gain Speed Range

This combines with a radial face structure with different levels of thickness across the face to reduce spin when you catch it lower on the face or from the toe - a common pattern for higher handicap golfers.

Honma Gain Speed Range

The titanium crown features varying levels of thickness too, and is as lightweight as possible without compromising strength to maximise ball speeds.

Honma Gain Speed Range

A keel-shaped designed and strategically designed tungsten sole weight promote more of a draw bias and deliver extra stability to ensure more stability at impact.

The GS Driver incorporates Honma's Non-Rotating System in the hosel which promotes a more stable strike and flight by ensuring that the spine of the shaft stays in the optimal position even when the loft and lie are adjusted.

The SpeedTuned shaft in the GS driver features a mid to low kick point that flexes in time with the club head to generate fast ball speeds off the face.

Honma GS Fairway Wood

Honma Gain Speed Range

The GS fairway woods also feature the crank-shaped slot on the sole to ensure that golfers don't lose ball speed on strikes across the club face, while weight is position low and deep to deliver a high MOI and launch, along with a tighter dispersion.

Honma GS Hybrid

Honma Gain Speed Range

The Hybrids also carry the crank slot sole and feature a slight draw-bias design, with more weight being moved from the heel to the rear of the club head to deliver better forgiveness and an easy launch.

Honma GS Irons

The GS irons are designed to deliver distance and accuracy thanks to a thin, high-strength L-cup face which expands the sweet spot.

Honma Gain Speed Range

There are variable 'ribs' on the inside of the club face which save weight and improve ball speeds compared to Honma's previous XP-1 irons, whilst also helping to maintain consistent spin rates.

The 4-7 irons feature sole slots which vary in width, with the wider portion of the slot covering the toe of the golf club to give you a bit more assistance on off-centre strikes. Honma has also added a 6 gram tungsten weight into the toe to further raise MOI compared to the XP-1 irons.

Honma Gain Speed Range

The 8-11 irons feature a face with a 360-degree underfoot for increased 'compliance' and a larger sweet spot to improve forgiveness.

A thick steel sole lowers the CG for easier launch and optimal spin characteristics, meaning that you can attack the flag with confidence. Golfers get the choice of a Speed Tuned 55 graphite shaft or Nippon N.S Pro 950 GH steel shaft.

The new Honma GS range is available across Europe from February 2021. The driver (9.5, 10.5, 11.5) is priced at £499, fairways (15, 16.5, 18) at £279, hybrids (18, 21, 24, 27) at £249 and irons (4-SW available) from £1,155.

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