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When it comes to luxury golf clubs, there are very few brands who do things quite as well as Honma, and their new Beres Wedge for 2021 continues on that same theme.

Honma Beres Wedge

The ultra-premium Beres Wedge comes in five different loft versions and combines Honma's craftmanship with premium materials, to provide maximum speed and spin performance in a luxurious finish.

The Beres Wedge completes the current Beres line-up and is a must try option for those golfers seeking something exceptional from their golf clubs. Through the use of the highest performing materials available, we are confident that the new Beres wedge will be a popular addition to the bags of those golfers seeking the best wedge for their game.

Tony Scott, Head of Marketing at Honma Golf Europe

Patented Dual-Plated Design

The wedge is crafted by an ultra-premium mild soft steel and features Dual-Plating to maximise spin control thanks to 'Slide' and 'Spin' zones.

Honma Beres Wedge

The 'Slide Zone' sole uses a Nickel-Chrome plating with low friction levels, as well as a smooth camber, ensuring that the club head slides through both the turf and the sand with ease to keep you accelerating through the ball at impact.

In the 'Spin Zone', Black Nickel plating is added to the CNC Milled face to add friction and maximum surface roughness, produce high levels of spin control.

Honma Beres Wedge

The combination of the Slide and Spin zones, along with high-CG blade design which increases in thickness from bottom-to-top, ensures that the ball keeps contact with the club face for longer to deliver higher spin rates and optimal distance.

Sole Shapes and Loft Options

There are two different grinds which provide versatility in different turf conditions or angles of attack depending on the golfer's own swing characteristics.

The I-Sole, available in 50 and 52 degrees, feature a thin trailing edge which can slide under the ball easily on full shots, giving you consistent distance.

Honma Beres Wedge

The C-Sole, in 56, 58 and 60 degrees, feature aggressive heel and toe trailing edge relief and a flat bounce for shot making versatility. This grind suits golfers who like to open up the club face and be more creative around the green.

Shaft Options

Exclusive to the Beres Wedge is a lightweight True Temper Dynamic Golf 95 VSS Pro steel shaft which comes as standard and is said to enhance control and shot feedback, whilst helping to dampen vibrations on mishits. There are also ultra-premium ARMRQ shafts available as a custom order.

The Honma Beres Wedge is available now across Europe, with recommended prices from £249 each.

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