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Premium equipment manufacturer Honma, who's irons have been spotted in the bags of English stars Justin Rose and Paul Casey over the past 18 months, have announced an expanded range of multi-layer golf balls to provide further options as they seek to widen their reputation outside Japan.

The new lineup includes the X4, a new premium 4-piece urethane ball with the softest core ever made by Honma, along with an improved 3-piece TW-X and TW-S ball and a 2-piece A1 ball.

Tony Scott, Head of Marketing at Honma Golf Europe, commented:

"The new range of Honma golf balls offers something for every golfer - from those with lower swing speeds wanting more distance and consistency off the tee, to others with high swing speeds who prefer greater feel and spin closer to the greens. There is also a wide variation in competitive price points to suit the pocket of golfers as well as their game."

The Honma X4 ball has been designed with the specific aim of providing more distance off the tee, without sacrificing short game spin.

Honma Updates Ball Range For 2020

There's an Ultra Soft Core with helps to deliver more compression off the club face, while a High-Performance Polymer (HPP) inner mantle and High Flex layer generates increased repulsion with the driver for better distance.

The soft urethane cover gives golfers a softer feel around the greens, whilst the 326-dimple design gives more consistent results into the wind.

For golfers with swing speeds of around 85mph looking for a softer feel, the new TW-S ball offers higher spin and a lower launch than the TW-X, meaning that it is perfect for playing in windy conditions.

Honma Updates Ball Range For 2020

It has an S-fast core which results in faster ball speeds off the club face.

The newly updated TW-X ball is designed for golfers who swing it over 90mph and are looking for a firmer feel and longer distance.

Honma Updates Ball Range For 2020

The new 2-piece A1 ball offers something different for golfers who struggle with a slice and want to hit it straighter.

Honma Updates Ball Range For 2020

The A1 is around 20% softer than the D1 ball and the lighter core and cover attempts to reduce side spin for more consistent shot shapes and results.

The new Honma golf balls are available now at the following prices:

X4 - £44.95 per dozen

TW-X and TW-S - £26.00 per dozen

A1 - £15.95 per dozen.

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