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Japanese brand Honma, who rose to prominence in Europe and the US when Justin Rose signed to play with their clubs at the beginning of the 2019 season, is introducing a new Tour-inspired TW757 range which is headlined by Carbon-Slot technology and promises higher ball speeds for better players.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

With a combination of club-making expertise, ultra-modern technologies and high performance materials including carbon, titanium and tungsten, Honma say that this is their most complete product range to date.

We pride ourselves on relentless innovation with every new club that we bring to market and the TW757 range is no exception. The introduction of Carbon-Slot technology marks another cutting-edge development in club design from our R&D team, and that coupled with an entire family of multi-material irons delivers incredible distance performance for golfers of varying swing speeds.

"Tony Scott, Head of Marketing at Honma Golf Europe."

Carbon-Slot Technology

This new innovation, applied to the new TW757 S and D drivers, is designed to deliver improved ball speeds and optimal distance off the tee.

It's reinforced with carbon to add more strength, and has been made thinner to provide more club face repulsion, resulting in longer carry distances.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

The slot works alongside the lightweight carbon crown, increasing ball speed and lowering the CG whilst also helping to improve the feel and sound at impact.

Two ribs are also positioned underneath the crown to provide more rigidity to the club face and impart more energy onto the golf ball at impact.

TW757 Woods


Both of the TW757 drivers (£559) are designed in a keel shape, and this is achievable as the vertical slit face allows weight to be repositioned elsewhere in the head. This increases MOI to provide more forgiveness and more consistency on strikes right across the face.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

The TW757 S is a 455cc head which is suited to the better golfer seeking stability and spin control off the tee. It features adjustable front and back weights of 3g and 9g, which allows optimal launch and spin rates to be fine-tuned.

For golfers looking for more forgiveness and better dispersion control, the 460cc TW757 D driver also has front and back weight placed in the heel and toe.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

Both drivers are fitted with a Vizard shaft which benefits from Honma's non-rotating system so that the shaft remains in the same position even if you change the loft and lie, which the brand say improves dispersion and consistency.

Fairway Woods

To generate unique CG designs for each TW757 fairway (£329), different internal weights are postioned low and shallow in the head of the 3W, 5W and 7W to promote higher launch with optimal spin.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

A cup face design and vertical face slits in the 3W, along with a low CG design, maximises repulsion at impact for a stronger ball flight which is designed to work in windy conditions.

The 5W and 7W use the combination of the sole slit and the adjustable back head weight to give golfers that desired mixture of high launch and low spin for distance.

Utility Iron

The TW757 utility (£299) features progressive internal weighting as the lofts change in order to position the CG for optimal launch and spin.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

With similar high-performance features as in the fairway woods, the UT has been engineered to deliver fast initial ball speeds without sacrificing on forgiveness.

TW757 Irons

TW757 P

The cast TW757 P (£159 per club) is a modern player's distance iron, packed with technology to offer fast ball speeds with plenty of forgiveness and a controlled flight.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

The longer 4-7 irons have a 6g weight screw and 12g tungsten weight in the toe and sole, increasing the CG for added stability at impact.

The shorter irons also use the 12g tungsten sole weight, and reduced face thickness across the whole set maximises ball speeds. An undercut structure in the cavity of the iron adds forgiveness.

TW757 Vx

A forged cavity back player's iron crafted from soft S20 steel, the TW757 Vx (£159 per club) provides a balance of feel and distance with potential for shot shaping.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

A lighter 7g tungsten weight in the 4-8 irons expands the CG for better balance, giving more consistent accuracy.

TW757 B

For golfers who want feel and control in a supremely clean look, the TW757 B iron (£159 per club) is said to be the 'new generation blade'.

Honma TW757 Range 2022

It features a tungsten weight with built-in resin components on the 3-7 irons. This extends the CG for better performance across the, whilst also absorbing vibrations at impact for a better feel.

Removing weight from the heel of the head also moves the CG closer to the toe, enlarging the sweet spot for better control of ball flight and more distance

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