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When you think PowaKaddy, you think electric trolley's. However in this review, I'm taking to the course with a PowaKaddy trolley with no power at all.

The brilliant looking DLX-Lite FF is PowaKaddy's most premium push cart offering to date and the headline model in 2021 push cart range, so I was excited to see what this really meant and how much it could really benefit the golfer.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

In recent years I have been lucky enough to test a number of PowaKaddy's flagship electric trolley models, including the compact C2i GPS Trolley and the more recent, all-singing-all-dancing FX7 GPS Trolley. I was impressed by both of these models for different reasons and was keen to see if this trend would continue through to the push carts.

Time to find out.

What's It All About?

The DLX-Lite FF push cart is all about saving you space, it is said to have been designed with optimum storage in mind. Whether it be your golf club locker, car boot, garage or garden shed - this thing prides itself on not getting in the way too much.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

With the marketing tagline being: 'Folds Down Fast', PowaKaddy have basically designed the trolley to be folded down flat when not in use, meaning storage and transportation of the trolley should be a breeze.

The trolley is constructed using a lightweight aluminium frame with large wheels and an ergonomic handle that will suit any golfers height, whilst the PowaKaddy key lock system is said to stop your golf bag from twisting.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

With this being PowaKaddy it's no surprise it's packed with a boot full of handy features said to make your 18 holes easier too, including:

  • Multi-feature handle with scorecard holder - plenty of storage for ball and tees with soft lined water-resistant mobile phone-storage area
  • Umbrella holder base
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Footbrake
  • Drinks holder
  • Pen/pencil holder
  • PowaKaddy key lock system
  • Large sports wheels with colour trims
  • Strong adjustable straps to secure to your bag

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

The Test

I played 12 holes at Denton Golf Club to test this trolley in full. On the day I was testing a bunch of other pieces of equipment so had a full boot - space was at a premium.

It's also worth mentioning that I played the majority of holes with a cart bag on the trolley and then some with a hybrid carry bag to see if both worked just as well.

PowaKaddy DLX-Lite FF Push Trolley Review


From the off, this is where the DFX-Lite FF really excels. Thanks to the folding system, the setup of the trolley is just quick and easy and can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Once you have pulled the trolley out of the box, you are three clicks away from having your PowaKaddy push cart setup and ready to go. Firstly, fold out the main handle, then pull the two main parts of the chassis apart, and finally fold out and clip the front wheel into place.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

This video shows you how to setup the trolley in less than 10 seconds:

It may look incredibly simple on the video, and that's because it is - the folding design really is clever. I'd go as far as to say it's one of the cleverest pieces of golf tech I have come across in my time reviewing golf equipment. It's easy to understand, quick, of high build quality and just makes sense.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

The aspect I liked most was how the wheels go from folding flat with the trolley, to being automatically folded out, upright and positioned in the correct place to use without having do any extra legwork.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

As the video above illustrates, when pulling the bottom half of the frame away, the two rear wheels fold out gradually and then clip into place. The front wheel which is folded in to begin with, when rotated then twists naturally as it folds out then clips into place.

Good golf tech is all about making life easier for the golerf on the course - the folding system in the DLX-Lite FF does exactly that, good work PowaKaddy.


The looks of this trolley are also pretty strong in my opinion. A couple of years ago, PowaKaddy gave their company branding and most of their products a much needed facelift. Most of their trolley's now boast a very sleek-looking 'L' shaped chassis which I think looks clean and contemporary.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

The lightweight aluminium frame looks sturdy with the gunmetal finish giving it a real premium look. It comes available in two simple colourways: gunmetal with yellow trim and gunmetal with red trim. The flashes of either red or yellow give this trolley the perfect amount of colour. I've never really been a fan of golf trolley's with loud (lime green, bright yellow, red, pink etc) frames - I think the colour should come from your golf bag but the DFX-Lite gets the balance just right.

The wheels are large and sporty and again I think make this trolley look pretty good.

Finally the handle of the trolley I would say is the least eye-catching element. For me it looks a little bulky and big on such a sleek looking push cart, therefore taking away from the overall look.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review


As to be expected with the functionality of a top-end PowaKaddy push trolley, the DFX didn't disappoint.

When in use on-course I found the trolley to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Weighing approximately 6.8kg, even with a full cart bag on, never did the trolley feel heavy to push.

As well as the weight, I put this down to a number of factors: the sporty wheels are large and look hard-wearing, they glide easily over all different terrains a golf course could offer and make pushing this trolley easy. Secondly, although I wasn't a massive fan of the looks of the handle - it was very ergonomic and again made the trolley easy to steer and comfy to push.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

The handle also has the useful addition of being adjustable to suit your height - in my case this was a very welcome feature. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're leaning over and stooping constantly when pushing your trolley.

On the course it's great, but I really believe a trolley's performance can be sold just as much for its performance off the course and if that's what you're looking for - the DFX-Lite is certainly worth considering.

It's perfect for golfers with a shallow or small boot looking to save that extra bit of space. PowaKaddy say that the trolley folds flat, which I have to say - it pretty much does. When folded the dimensions of the trolley are 710mm (H) x 585mm (W) x 200mm (D). So to make a trolley only 20cm in depth, I think PowaKaddy have done a lot to save golfers space.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

On top of the clever space saving designs - one final helpful feature is the footbrake. The footbrake is as simple as they come really, just a grey piece of plastic that flicks on and off holding the right hand rear wheel (and therefore both wheels) in place. Word of warning: it didn't seem like the strongest brake in the world so I would refrain from taking any frustrations out on it after 3 putting from 15 foot...

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review

PowaKaddy DLX- Lite FF Push Trolley Verdict

I go back to my point about what good golf tech really is all about - making the game of golf easier for the golfer. For me, the space saving design and easy setup of the DFX-Lite FF does just that.

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At an RRP of £219, granted this trolley is on the steep side but to be honest I think it's worth the money. It's one of the best push carts on the golf market and if you're an avid golfer who regularly uses a push cart - it's worth the investment.

It may not help you hit 300 yard drives or sink any 40 foot birdie putts, but it will certainly make your life easier when attempting to round after round.

Would I Use It?

Yes. This is a great product that has genuinely solved a problem for the golfer.

It's lightweight, looks great, built to last and designed specifically with the modern day golfer in mind and therefore definitely one to have on your list if you're in the market for a new set of wheels.

Don't be put off by the terribly over-complicated name - this is a great product. Hats off PowaKaddy.

PowaKaddy DLX FF Lite Trolley Review


  • Innovative folding design - folds very quickly
  • Folds flat and will save golfers space
  • Great classic looks
  • Premium build quality
  • Great extra features
  • Feels lightweight when pushing


  • Footbrake didn't seem the strongest
  • Handle design is a little bulky

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PowaKaddy DFX-Lite FF Push Cart Golf Trolley

PowaKaddy DFX-Lite FF Push Cart Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch01 July 2021
UK Launch RRP£219
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Trolley TypePush
MaterialAluminium, Plastic
Dimensions OpenWidth: 114.5cm, Height: 68.5cm, Depth: 119.5cm
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 71cm, Height: 58.5cm, Depth: 20cm
Weight Without Battery6.8kg
Colour Options: Grey/Yellow, Grey/Red
Manufacturer's WebsitePowaKaddy Website

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