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Best of 2021

Every golfer in the world loves a new pair of golf shoes don't they?

Here's our favourite from a great year for golf footwear in 2021.

FootJoy Premiere Golf Shoes: Tarlow and Flint

FootJoy Premiere Golf Shoes

Released: 19/02/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £159.99

Quick Hit: 'Inspired by then, supercharged for now.' As FootJoy celebrated 75 years as the number one shoe on the PGA Tour, the Premiere Series is all about celebrating the history and heritage of the brand and features three different models of shoe: Flint, Packard and Tarlow, which are all inspired by FootJoy family legends from over the years. We reviewed all three models but the Tarlow and Packard really stood up.

The Tech: Premium Pittards leather uppers, a Versatrax+ outsole and Ortholite EcoPlush FitBed marry to bring comfort, performance and quality.

Golfalot Says: The FootJoy Premiere Series Tarlow will be my shoe of choice on those special golfing occasions for the next few years. They are comfortable, high-performing, timeless and will compliment any golf outfit under the sun - what more could you want?

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Adidas ZX Primeblue Golf Shoes

Adidas ZX Primeblue Shoes

Released: 02/08/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £100

Quick Hit: Contemporary looking spikeless shoes offering comfort whilst helping in the battle against plastic waste.

The Tech: The adicross ZX Primeblue features a textile upper made with yarns containing at least 50 percent Parley Ocean Plastic. This plastic waste was removed on islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines, preventing it from polluting our shorelines. It’s part of the Adidas mission to ‘End Plastic Waste’.

Golfalot Says: These shoes do exactly what Adidas advertise in my opinion. The contemporary styling looks cool and will appeal to huge numbers of the new wave of golfers, who are taking up the game and are not interested in the traditional ideas of what should and shouldn’t be worn on the course.

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Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes

Ecco Biom H4 Shoe Review

Released: 01/02/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £170

Quick Hit: The trailblazers of the spikeless shoe returned in 2021 with the Biom H4, built around a new Biom 2.0 last, which is effectively the mould used to shape the look of the shoe - updated to showcase a modern aesthetic along with plenty of stability and a glove-like fit.

The Tech: On the bottom of the shoe, Ecco are introducing a new eye-catching MTN grip outsole which is split into three different sections so that you don't suffer any compromise from using a spikeless shoe even in adverse weather conditions.

Golfalot Says: At £170, the H4 shoe is actually £20 cheaper than the Hybrid 3 and for me the performance has improved so in context although £170 is a lot of money this shoe is certainly worthy of serious consideration the next time you are in the market for a new pair.

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Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes

Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoe Review

Released: 25/01/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £160

Quick Hit: Super-light comfort with ultimate stability and traction

The Tech: Lightstrike, Sprintskin, an Ultra-light Stability Fin, and Swingplane Traction all combine to make the ZG21

Golfalot Says: The ZG21s are a great pair of golf shoes. They're not my favourite and I don't think they'll go down in the golf shoe history books but in terms of a high-performing, modern-looking, waterproof, spiked golf shoe - you really can't go far wrong with them. They will fit the bill for a large amount of golfers and judging by the build quality, if looked after properly they will last you a few years too.

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Puma Proadapt Alphacat Golf Shoes

Puma Proadapt Alphacat Shoes Review

Released: 15/06/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £120

Quick Hit: The Proadapt Alphacat is Puma's newest spikeless offering that aims to build on the Puma ethos of energy and innovation.

The Tech: Puma's new Alphacat shoe is packed with a range of different materials and technologies such as: Adapt Foam, a Proadapt Multi Material Outsole, upper EXO shell, and a central Crystal Rubber unit which are designed to provide the golden trio when it comes to footwear - comfort, style and performance.

Golfalot Says: I always feel that the sign of a really good pair of golf shoes is that you tend to forget you're wearing them after a while, because they comfortably support your foot and give you all the grip you need whilst swinging, and I'd say that's exactly what the Alphacat was like.

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FootJoy Flex XP Golf Shoes

FootJoy Flex XP Golf Shoes Review

Released: 01/03/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £109

Quick Hit: FootJoy upgrade their most versatile spikeless shoe model with a new waterproof upper.

The Tech: A lot of the same features and ideas from the original Flex remain, however they have been improved slightly. Everything seems to have just been made that little bit more performance-centred: slightly tighter fit, sturdier build quality, a little harder midsole, and more support around the heel and outsole.

Golfalot Says: These shoes will just miss out on a 5-star rating because the traction just isn't high performing enough. It's all well and good making a waterproof shoe for the ever-changing European weather conditions to keep your feet dry, but if you're still going to slip when it's wet then what's the point?

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