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I was initially surprised to hear that Motocaddy were branching out from their usual product range to delve into the laser market, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Having recently announced an expansion to their range of GPS trolleys for the 2021 season, it's clear that Motocaddy are looking to provide golfers with even more convenience out on the golf course.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

It is a pretty logical step to then look at laser rangefinders and for the brand, it's a great way to make sure that they cover all bases when it comes to products that a golfer uses to make life a little easier during their rounds.

Lots of golfers also like to match things up when it comes to their golf equipment and so the fact that you can now get a Motocaddy bag, trolley, accessories and laser is bound to be another plus point for many too.

What's It All About?

The Pro 3000 is designed to be both quick and easy to use, whilst also packing a punch with 7x magnification and a range of 1,300 yards, accurate to less than a yard.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

The laser provides PinLock technology with both visual and vibration comfirmation, ensuring that the golfer can trust the distance that they are being given and execute their shot with more confidence.

There's a high-resolution LCD display and you can lock onto a pin from up to 450 yards away. The all-important slope compensation mode can be toggled on and off with a simple switch on the side of the device during competition play.

You can also switch between yards and metres and the auto standby comes into effect after 10 seconds in order to preserve the laser's battery life.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

The Pro 3000 comes with a hard-shell carry case and carabiner bag clip, and also attaches directly to a Motocaddy Accessory Station for quick and easy access when you're playing, meaning that it won't disrupt your pre-shot routine.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

The laser is smart and understated in its looks, and it actually reminded me a lot of the M-Tech trolley and bag that I tested last year which is a nice bit of continuity. If you're somebody who likes to have different products by the same brand in your setup then this is an ideal way to do it.

The shape is slightly squarer around the edges than some other ages, which I actually think makes it a little easier to hold, whilst the rubbery feel is ideal for providing a firm grip and therefore making it easier to zone in on your target.

On top there are just two simple buttons. One is to zap your target and get a yardage measurement, and the other is to change mode to access Pin Lock or switch between yards or metres.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

The Slope compensation is a must-have for me on any laser, and it has definitely helped to save me shots over the last couple of years on holes with undulations, and even if you have the feature switched off during competition you should start to remember the typical differences in yardages at your home course.

Out on the course the laser was very easy to use and the simple configuration means that it's a really intuitive product, even for those golfers with limited experience of technology.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

The yardages displayed were fast and it was straight forward to lock on to the target, as I particularly enjoyed the Pin Lock mode which seemed to do a good job of finding the flag even if the back of the green was surrounded by trees.

I did have a little bit of difficulty in reading the screen to start with early in the morning, as the low sun seemed to wash things out a little, whilst the yardage reading could've been a little bigger too.

The adaptor for the accessory station is a great touch as it means you can attach it straight to your trolley, making it even easier to access and build this into your pre-shot routine.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

At 196 grams, the Pro 3000 has a slightly weightier feel than other lasers I have tested recently but I actually quite liked this, as it suggested a good build quality and also made it a bit easier to keep your hand steady when measuring.

To be honest, a price tag of £269.99 is a little steep when compared to the likes of the Shot Scope Pro L1 or Volvik V1 and means that Motocaddy are nearer to Bushnell in price bracket, which is also going to make things a little more tough as they are the market-leader in this category.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Verdict

This is an excellent first entry into the laser world by Motocaddy, and considering they have built a reputation over the years for reliable and market-leading products, I can't say I was too surprised by that.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

There are really no thrills here; it's smart, easy to use, responsive and feels like a premium bit of kit. In an ideal world I'd have liked the screen to be a little easier to read, particularly when the sun was a little low, but that is not an issue which is unique to just Motocaddy lasers as it is the nature of looking through at a lens.

Overall I was impressed with the Pro 3000 laser and whilst it won't be replacing my existing Bushnell in the bag just yet, if you are a Motocaddy fan and like to have matching and compatible gear, it's an ideal accompaniment to your trolley setup to ensure you are extra prepared before every shot.


  • Looks and feels great
  • Very simple to use
  • Compatible with Motocaddy accessory station
  • Comes from one of the most trusted brands in golf


  • £269.99 price tag puts it up against stiff competition
  • Screen could be difficult to read at times

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Review

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Motocaddy Pro 3000 Golf GPS Rangefinder

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK LaunchNovember 2020
UK Launch RRP£269.99
European LaunchNovember 2020
European Launch RRP€329.99
GolferMens, Women
Device TypeLaser
Power OptionsBattery
Device Weight196 grams
Manufacturer's WebsiteMotocaddy Website

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