Martin Hopley
By Martin Hopley

The adjustable Adams Speedline Super LS fairway wood features a slot both in the crown and sole of the clubhead, designed to offer a high launch and more distance.

The USGA's limit for "spring-like" effect is 256, the Adams Speedline Super LS fairway pushes the limit at 250, thanks to its refined sole and crown slots. Both slots have been redesigned and tweaked to generate more ball speed and produce up to a 20% higher launch.

The white Super LS clubhead is made up of a titanium face and crown combined with a stainless steel sole. The combination helps Adams offer a lower centre of gravity, better overall club weight and a thin, fast clubface.

The black face contrasts the white crown colour, to make the clubhead appear larger at address and improve alignment.

Unlike the Adams Speedline Super S fairway, the Super LS offers 16 tunable settings to helps golfers fine tune the performance of their fairway wood. The Fast Fit technology allows adjustments to the loft/face angle, length and swing weight.

The Adams Super LS fairway wood is offered in either a 13, 15 or 18 degree model and is paired with the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 70g shaft.

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Adams Speedline Super LS Fairway Wood - Product Details

Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexX Stiff, Stiff, Regular
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdams Website

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