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Adams Golf has always been a recognised name in hybrids, but it was the Pro model that came out in 2007 that transformed the brand into the number one hybrid on Tour overnight.

The Adams Red hybrid is the latest in the line quality hybrids and Adams say it is the closest to the original Pro that they have made, but with all the modern technology they can put into it.

Adams Red Hybrid

The classic Adams hybrid face is still there with the upside down head with the high toe and relatively flat sole that has a little camber in it like the Tight Lies Hybrid in order to make it playable from a variety of lies.

Adams Red Hybrid

The head features the slots that Adams has been putting in their hybrids for a while now. There is the Velocity Slot in the sole and the Ghost Slot in the crown that is covered it up so you can't see it. This does give it a much cleaner look at address, although unless you know about the slot in the top you won't realise it is there.

Adams Red Hybrid

As you may have guessed by now, the Red is aimed at better players as the head is quite compact and at just 95cc is a lot less than most other hybrids on the market.

It aims to be a long iron replacement club for those looking for more forgiveness but a more penetrating trajectory and this is reflected in the shaft which is a Matrix Altus Tour.

Adams Red Hybrid

This is not only stable, but also nice and light and the Adams Red will be one of the few clubs to offer this as a stock shaft and I can see why. It suits the club very well and created a great trajectory that will bore through the wind.

The final and probably biggest change is the addition of moveable weights on the sole of the club. Whilst it looks like there are 3 weights, it is actually just one 25 grams silver weight that can be moved to any of the three positions that also house two plastic 2 gram weights.

Adams Red Hybrid

To move the weights you need to unscrew both screws and then you can start swapping things around. Move the heavier 25 gram weight to the toe and you will create a hybrid with a fade bias that will allow you to attack the ball without the fear of it going left.

Adams Red Hybrid

Move the weight to the heel and this moves the Centre of Gravity (CG) half an inch across the face to create a little draw bias.

Adams Red Hybrid

I had a good play around with the weights and whilst is a little fiddly getting everything in the right place, the weight changes did their job, creating subtle, but noticeable, changes in ball flight.

Having the weight in the toe gave the club a heavier feel and I can see why high swing speed players would like this as it gives that anti-left flight. With the weight in the right it felt a little lighter and gave a slightly higher draw flight.

Most single figure amateurs should be OK with the weight in the centre or the heel as this gave a lovely feeling and sounding hybrid, even though the head in general felt a little heavier than most to me.

Adams Red Hybrid

Whatever the conditions you play in, there is a wide range of lofts from 16° to 26° and I can see the 18° and 20° versions being very popular.

In some ways this is a niche product as the heavier feel, head size and shaft type make it suitable for most lower handicappers. It is forgiving for its size, but if a greater margin for error is what you are after, then something like its sister TaylorMadeR15 Rescue may be a better option.

The Adams Red does fit into a small but perfectly formed package, with a classic design combining with slots and moveable weights to give a hybrid that will hopefully put you into the red numbers and your winnings in the black.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Adams Red Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch03 April 2015
UK Launch RRP£169
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Right Handed Lofts16°, 18°, 20°, 23°, 26°
Head Volume95 cc
Shaft NameMatrix Altus Tour
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdams Website

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User Reviews

July 2018

I was having trouble hitting my 5 iron consistently well. I already have 3 and 4 Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 hybrids and I absolutely love them. They’re not too big and clunky but they are really stable and work well. Wilson doesn’t make a 5 hybrid in the FG Tour F5 model, so I searched for a similar “tour-inspired” smaller-headed 5 hybrid and I finally came across the Adams Red (it was harder to find one than you think). I picked one up on eBay and I couldn’t be happier. The Adams Red hybrid is much easier to hit than my 5 iron and is very straight and consistent. I highly recommend this hybrid for people who want the benefits of using a hybrid, but don’t want a giant battleship behind the ball. I’m an 11 handicap.

November 2017

At first, it was quite hard to hit the sweet spot compared to my previous hybrid. After a couple of rounds, got used to the size and it's helping my game a lot. But distance seemed to be less than other 18~19 degree hybrid though, but more consistent. I used to get 220~230yds with my previous Bridgestone hybrid and used to beat many buddies teeing off with driver. But with Adams Red I am getting 200~220ish with good hits, but with it's smaller head, I feel more confident from rough and such.

April 2016

After the first 5 swings I noticed a consistent ball flight which makes it great for my game. I use it off the tee maxing out at 230-240 I have found the fairway more times than not. Sweet rescue to the rescue!

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