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The hybrid category is where Adams made their name on tour and the Adams Blue hybrid continues this proud tradition in grand style.

Adams Blue Hybrid

Take off the stylish retro blue head cover and what you see is a classic Adams head shape with the combination of the Tight Lies cambered sole and the square, high toe.

Adams Blue Hybrid

In the new Blue colour scheme, the head contrasts with the silver face and it looks as if the face wraps around the toe of the club.

Adams Blue Hybrid

The face sits square at address, but the blue top line creates an optical illusion that it is open.

Adams Blue Hybrid

I have seen this on many better player clubs and whilst I like the look, it seems odd on a club that is marketed as a game improvement club.

The head is nice and long and also fairly deep, which fits into the Blue range ethos of getting more air time on the course. The deeper head moves the Centre of Gravity (CG) low and back to add more spin and get the ball moving upwards as well as forwards.

The Aldila Slimtech shaft is just 55 grams, which is very light for a hybrid, but it is very stable and so easy to swing. It also has a 0.9mm or 0.035 inch narrower shaft tip than normal to allow for more kick at impact.

Adams Blue Hybrid

Combine this with the tried and tested Velocity Slot on the sole and you have a hybrid ready to send the ball quickly upwards into the blue. The Slot is not hollow, but filled in with a polymer most of the way.

Like all hybrids the flight was mid to high, but I was pleasantly surprised that the Adams Blue did not send the ball into orbit. Instead it was a pretty normal hybrid flight with a nice high 'ting' sound at impact and a lovely solid feel.

Adams Blue Hybrid

The blue head looks classy and the subtle blue contrast lines on the crown act like a subliminal alignment aid that some might find more useful than the Adams logo that seems to be doing a Pinterest impression.

It may have a wood sized head but it still plays more like a proper hybrid both from the tee, fairway and even the semi-rough. The deep face was adept at lifting the ball out of reasonably heavy lies so this is a good all round hybrid, even if the slot does fill up with grass occasionally.

Adams Blue Hybrid

The Adams Blue comes in four models from a 3H at 20° to a 6H at 29° and the idea is to blend these into a set with the excellent Adams Blue Irons. The irons go up to a five iron, so there is some overlap at #5 and #6 depending on what you prefer, and then you go to the hybrid at 4-iron.

Adams Blue Hybrid

You can also buy them as standalone clubs and really anyone with an average to slow swing speed in the 10 or above handicap range should seriously consider the Adams Blue hybrid as it is competitively priced, forgiving and a joy to hit.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Adams Blue Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch03 April 2015
UK Launch RRP£129
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityRight
Right Handed Lofts20°, 23°, 25°, 26°, 29°
Colour OptionsBlue
Head Volume125 cc
Shaft NameAldila SlimTech
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexLight, Ladies, Regular, Stiff
Shaft Weight55g
Number/Loft3/20°, 4/23°, 5/26°, 6/29°
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdams Website

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User Reviews

Love Adams Blue Hybrids
June 2017

I'm a 5.8 handicap index and I love these clubs. I also have Adams XTD irons and Adams Pro hybrids, but prefer Blue all the way. I have a 3-6 blue hybrid set and then 8-SW in the XTD irons. I had to compromise and buy a Callaway 7 hybrid because Adams does not make a 7 (blue) hybrid. My "pros" and other XTD irons are benched and stay in my garage. So sorry Adams is out of business...these are great clubs...

August 2016

Fantastic!! Found a complete set that was hard to find. Adams bought out and won't make clubs anymore. Drained a birdie on my 1st game, followed by 2 straight pars. Well balanced and very forgiving.

August 2016

Can't believe they didn't market these more. Best hybrids I have hit.

July 2016

I've changed my set of Titleist AP2's for a set of Adams Blue and the 4 hybrid is the best club of the lot.

April 2016

I bought the 5H last year and could not believe how stable this thing felt like on shots. Nice hang time and I found I could take some off of a shot easily so I ditched my 5 iron. I was looking for the 3H to add to my bag so I could forego the 7 wood I had. When searching online, I ran into a review that this club was designed for game improvement and handicaps above 10. Shocked me as I don't fit that category but I am 60 +. My suggestion- if you are in the Sr. division, this kind of game improvement will not hurt your game.

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