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Adams' new era under TaylorMade has begun with the Blue range of irons and woods that claim to offer simplicity and more air.

By more air they don't mean inhaling them, but making the irons easy to launch so that slower swing speed players can get the ball up and forwards more easily.

Adams Blue Irons

In the Adams Blue irons they do this by moving the Centre of Gravity (CG) low and back through a deep undercut cavity in the sole.

The cavity is generous, but you hardly notice it at address until you get to the 5-iron where it starts to poke out slightly from the back of the head.

Adams Blue Irons

The depth of the cavity in the 5-iron also makes it sound a little 'clacky' at impact, if you know what I mean, but it is not offensive and the rest of the set sounds very good.

The large cavity also leads to a wide sole, but the back half of the sole is curved upwards and a section cut away so that it reduces the contact points with the ground. This leaves a relatively standard sole width that goes through the turf very well, even in firm conditions.

Adams Blue Irons

What you also find on the sole is the Adams Velocity Slot that is shaped like a large dumbbell. Unlike their cousin TaylorMade RSi irons, the slot features on all the irons right down to the wedges and allows the face to flex more to generate extra ball speed.

Adams Blue Irons

Whatever they have done to control the extra spin and speed on the shorter irons works very well and there is still a decent level of control.

The shorter irons do look a little more rounded than the mid irons and overall the heads are mid-sized for this category of iron. The set stops at 5-iron as Adams encourages you to use the Adams Blue hybrid from #4 upwards and this is good idea.

Adams Blue Irons

The top line is quite thick but I think it looks good and is reminiscent of some of the more forgiving TaylorMade irons of the past.

Adams Blue Irons

As already mentioned the Adams Blue irons are meant to be easy to launch and the final piece in the jigsaw is a light shaft with a tip that is 0.5mm or 0.02 inches narrower than standard to give it a little more kick.

Adams Blue Irons

I tried the Blue irons with a steel True Temper Dynalite 85g shaft in stiff and the best way to describe it is effortless. Despite the lack of weight it was stable and the whole club felt in balance, giving one of the key benefits of the Adams Blue irons.

Adams Blue Irons

The flight was around normal for a set of cavity back irons, which was a pleasant surprise and it is still possible to shape shots if you want to. In fact it was so easy to play with them that it gets me wondering why I bother with better player irons that have more 'playability' when all I want to do is hit it straight.

The answer is probably I need a heavier shaft to go with my higher swing speed and then that would throw the Adams Blue irons into a spin, but the point is that these irons are not just for those struggling with their game, but anyone in high single figures upwards with an average to slow swing speed.

Adams Blue Irons

TaylorMade want to position Adams as the 'easy, simple, have fun' brand and the Adams Blue irons do fit into this philiosophy. What they also are is a quality iron from TaylorMade without all their bells and whistles, but with the best bits of Adams' slot technology.

They are also cheaper than the TaylorMade equivalents and I have already seen them for two-thirds of the RRP in stores, so this is one of the best value for money irons around and will suit a lot of golfers.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Adams Blue Irons - Product Details

UK Launch03 April 2015
UK Launch RRP£599
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityRight
Shaft NameTrue Temper Dynalite SlimTech (Steel), Aldila SlimTech (Graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
Shaft Weight85g, 55g
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional ClubsGW, SW
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdams Website

User Reviews

Darren Owen
November 2018

I bought the Adams blue irons 3 months ago. Straight away I noticed the difference, the ball flies off the club face, even off slightly miss hit shots. The hybrid clubs in the set are also so easy to hit. In summary these are the best clubs I have ever owned .

July 2018

I had the Tommy Armour 855 Silver Scot for 15+ years. Then the Mizuno JPX 825. Now the Adams Blue.With these irons the ball just jumps out, with a higher trajectory. Great clubs to have for seniors like me. I would recommend the Adams Blue clubs when your swing speed is getting slower.

Mark H.
November 2017

Have owned these clubs for over a year now and play them on average 3 times a week. They are very easy to hit and will help you get the ball airborne. You can buy these irons used for a ridiculously low price and I can't understand why they're so cheap. I've played iron sets costing hundreds of dollars more without any better results. If you're in the 15 and above handicap range, by all means, give these clubs a try.

Jon S.
August 2017

Bought these for the value and I needed help getting the ball elevated with my irons. That is exactly what I got. I enjoy playing them very much. I am 6'2", so I am going to have the shafts lengthened. But for the quality and value you can't beat them.

Greg harbour
July 2017

Bought these irons for a game changer .. my some what questionable 23 handicap was going to be reduced to 14 easy ...

That wasn't the case , I've soon be forward out that these clubs a far superior for my game , pulled my back trying the hit these beasts . Unfortunately I couldn't tame .

A real golfer club unfortunately that's not me !

February 2017

First set of clubs I've ever bought, as I played with hand-me-downs my entire life. Was playing with a 20 year old set of Titleist DCI. Crazy difference. Highly recommend these clubs.

February 2017

I was looking for a set as I transition from regular flex to senior flex. I read that the Adams Blue was a good senior set, so I bought them at a great price. I have no regrets. They are as advertised; easy to hit, just as long as I hoped they would be, and they look and sound good. Probably the last set I will ever buy.

November 2016

Had many different sets over the years. Bought these as they are excellent value and performance is as good if not better than clubs 3 times their price. Totally recommend.

November 2016

Tried many brands Adams is the best. The senior shaft has improved my game. I recommend.

October 2016

Love them. Bought them at a "no brained" price and have zero regrets. You can still shape shots which was impossible with my Ping G2's. I actually hit the 5 iron easier than my old Baffler hybrid.

October 2016

The best game improvement set I have ever tried. From pitching wedge to the 3 hybrid they launch the ball higher. Plenty of air and they seem to launch it straight to boot. A quality set of irons for us "average" golfers who need a little help.

October 2016

Adam clubs are easy to hit from driver to the pitching iron. I really enjoy my golf after using Adam Blue.

September 2016

I bought these sight unseen for 30% off retail. First time I have ever bought clubs without trying them out extensively. The best money I have ever spent on golf equipment. These are easy to hit, look good, and give me at least 10 to 15 more yards on every iron. Replaced my Adams Idea irons. I'm going to be playing these irons for a long time.

August 2016

Similar experience. Great golf set. PW-3, FW3, FW7, SW, GW. Added Ping G30 for driver due to need for lower loft on drives.

June 2016

Best clubs I have ever had! I gained power and precision.

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