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The Adams Blue driver is meant to get you more air and by that they mean more under the ball as it sails through the stuff.

Adams Blue Driver

How can they say this? Well, they have used three tried and trusted techniques to maximise launch angle and speed in a simplified approach.

Firstly the large 460cc titanium head has the Centre of Gravity (CG) location low and as far back as possible as that puts some more spin on the ball and provides that nice high launch angle.

Adams Blue Driver

The head does look quite rounded at address with a relatively short face for this size of driver, although it is not what I would call compact. This is the 12° version, but even with that extra loft I felt it sat a little too closed and certainly more so than the other Adams Blue woods.

Adams Blue Driver

It is a very forgiving face and the brushed steel finish contrasts with the dark blue crown at address to help with alignment. If you look carefully you can also see a couple of contrasting blue lines that are curved instead of straight across like they are on the Adams Blue hybrid and fairway.

Adams Blue Driver

On the other Adams Blue woods, these lines can help as an alignment aid, but as curves they are more cosmetic, which is a bit disappointing. The Adams 'A' logo graphic does have a function to point out the sweet spot, even if it does seem to look more like a Pinterest logo from a distance.

Adams Blue Driver

Anyway, I digress. To generate more ball speed you need to move the head faster and Adams has paired the head with a very light 55g Aldila Slimtech graphite shaft. This has a tip that is 0.76mm or 0.03 inches narrower than standard to give a bit more kick at impact.

The 45.5 inch shaft was easy to manage, extremely light to swing and the feel was very good. It just shows how much shaft design has moved on in the last few years that a shaft this light and long can still be stable and not behave like a fishing rod wobbling home after a night out on the town.

Adams Blue Driver

Finally to make the face faster Adams has added their renowned Velocity Slot to the sole of the Blue driver and this is the largest one I have seen. The dumbbell shape extends across the width of the face and enables it to flex more at impact to increase the ball speed from that faster travelling head.

Adams Blue Driver

If Adams want us to think of blue skies then the driver certainly takes you there as the trajectory was one of the highest I have experienced for drivers with this amount of loft, and it felt relatively higher than the more normal trajectory of the hybrid.

The sound was solid and light and I do like everything about the feel at impact, so there is nothing to pull it up on as the design, styling and performance is simple and clear.

The Adams Blue driver comes with a retro style headcover that looks good, although it could do with nip and tuck around the top to fit a little better.

Adams Blue Driver

Having tried most of the Blue range I think TaylorMade, who own Adams, has done a good job of relaunching Adams, as all the Blue products are very easy to hit.

The Adams Blue driver seems a little different to the irons and hybrid, as this is the one I feel that is aimed more at those slower swing speed players who just need more help getting the ball up and away. It is maybe more niche than the irons and hybrid and therefore could be why the price is similar to most other drivers, unlike the irons which are very competitive.

However if a light, high launching driver is what you are after then the sky is the limit for you with the Adams Blue driver.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Adams Blue Driver - Product Details

UK Launch03 April 2015
UK Launch RRP£199
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
Right Handed Lofts9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
Colour OptionsBlue
Head Volume460 cc
Club Length45.5 inches
Shaft NameAldila SlimTech
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexLight, Ladies, Regular, Stiff
Shaft Weight55g
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdams Website

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User Reviews

October 2017

High handicapper still learning the game at 43. I got the R11 a few years back. Really hate that club and love this one. It's easy to hit and I've hit a few as far as 250 yards. Love it! Wish they still made this line.

Edward Bythesea
July 2017

I bought the 12 degree model early this season and really loved it. I finally learned to hit a driver with this club. This driver is well suited to my short back swing and with it, I saw improvement is distance from about 165 to 200-220 yards. It also greatly improved my fairway percentage. Alas this love affair ends tragically. The skinny shaft design is great for performance but poses a challenge to replace if damaged. Mia culpa for the damage to the factory shaft, beware the mat creep when you're hitting into your practice net. Shafts are not designed to withstand the impact with a metal net rod. My local shop attempted to replace it twice now but the skinny shaft is not to be found. Search for OEM confirms unavailability. If you are trying to add accuracy or distance this is a great club but be VERY CAREFUL not to damage the factory shaft for that will spell the end of a great love affair.

May 2017

Best driver I have ever tried. My slice is gone and I hit it farther than my Taylormade R11.

November 2016

I am 80 years old. My old driver was going 170 yards but with the Adams Blue it is 220 yards!

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