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What if you could buy a golf ball that is specifically designed to help you break 80? Step forward the new Wilson Triad.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

Whilst this is probably quite a bold claim it’s also quite a refreshing way to market a ball, targeting it at a specific standard of golfer with an attainable goal rather than just shouting about ‘more distance, softer feel and better greenside control’ like most other golf balls do.

So does it actually work?

The Tech

The Triad uses T3 technology which is designed to provide ultimate tee to green performance, and Wilson say that the 3-piece ball is the most technically advanced that they have ever produced.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

The construction produces a high MOI which reduces driver spin off the tee, while generating more ball speed through the shot to give you a longer, stronger ball flight which is designed to be straighter too.

The 85 compression ball also includes the brand’s thinnest ever cast Urethane cover. This is a high friction cover which offers extra grip to give you more interaction with the club face on shorter shots, along with extra spin in the mid to low irons.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

A tri-balanced core construction creates uniform density from layer to layer – rubber core, thermoplastic layer and super-thin Urethane cover – and helps to reduce manufacturing inconsistencies so that you get a more balanced roll.

To achieve the high levels of MOI, Wilson’s engineers moved the weight from the core to the outside of the golf ball. This transfer of weight also achieves better balance within the ball, for straighter shots into the green and straighter putts.

The Triad ball also comes in an uncoated Raw finish, first seen in the Staff Model ball launched last year, and delivering pure clubface interaction.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball Review

The Data

I compared the Triad ball to my usual Titleist Pro V1x golf balls on the Flightscope Mevo+ launch monitor, before taking both out on to the golf course to see how they performed in real life situations.

As a 5 handicapper I am realistically looking to break 80 every time I play, so I was keen to see whether this golf ball could help my game too.

As the Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor charts indicate, the Triad was able to produce very similar numbers to the Pro V1x on a chilly morning of testing.

Both balls produced a 7 iron carry distance of around 145 yards, with the Triad spinning slightly lower and flying a little higher than the Pro V1x.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

With the driver, the Pro V1x managed to squeeze out a few extra yards and was also a lower peak height than the Triad ball, although these numbers are probably even closer than they suggest because my swing speed and ball-striking improved as I warmed up more when hitting the Pro V1x second (did I mention it was freezing?!).

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

Finally I tested the performance on wedge shots by hitting some smooth pitching wedges.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

The spin rates for both were a little low but 6000 rpm with the Triad was concerning – you want to know that you’re going to get control on your short approaches into the green when you are looking to attack the pin a little more.

On-Course Performance

The Triad felt great off the tee with a pretty strong ball flight and it kept up well with the Pro V1x. The Titleist was around 5-10 yards ahead on average as it seemed to roll a bit more thanks to a lower ball flight, although I’d say that carry distances were actually very similar on the whole.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

As I began to warm up and swing faster I thought the difference between the two balls might start to grow, but this didn’t actually seem to be the case so I wouldn’t worry that the ball is going to be too soft for you.

Obviously it was wintery conditions during my testing so the greens were soft but the ball was able to stop up nice and quickly on approach shots, whilst I was able to alter my ball flight on a couple of occasions pretty easily too.

On the 14th hole my third shot into the par 5 was straight into wind so I had to punch a wedge from around 105 yards which managed to fly under the wind, landing just short of the flag and finishing pin-high.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

Then on the 17th hole, a pushed tee shot meant that I had to fade the ball around the trees and was able to find the left side of the putting surface.

I was surprised with how well the Triad ball performed around the green, particularly considering that the spin rates were so low with the pitching wedge during my earlier testing.

The ball felt really responsive when hitting chips and pitches from around the green, and this continued when I got onto the green with a nice soft feel off the putter face which encouraged a consistent roll.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

There wasn’t huge amounts of spin on offer but still more than enough to get the ball checking up when struck well, whilst the soft feel meant that I felt I could be aggressive with my chipping which is always a bonus.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

If you’re keen on alignment aids on your golf ball for putting then you’ll be pleased to see that the Triad has an arrow-style stamp on the side of the ball, making it easy to line up and also to see if you’re rolling it end to end on the green.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball Verdict

It may have been the wintery conditions but the Triad was very close to the Titleist Pro V1x in terms of performance and feel during my testing. Particularly in the cold conditions when I perhaps wasn’t swinging at my fastest.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

I would put it up against the likes of the Srixon AD333 as an excellent option which is slightly cheaper than the biggest models, and perfect for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

I don’t think it’ll guarantee that you break 80 but it’s an excellent all-round golf ball which provided good long game performance and plenty of feel around the green.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Anyone from mid-handicappers right the way down to single figure golfers unless you have a faster swing speed, at which point I’d recommend looking at the likes of a Pro V1, TP5, Z-Star or Chrome Soft X.

Would I Use It?

In the summer I still don’t think you can still beat the feel and performance of the Pro V1 ball range, but for the winter when I’m probably not swinging at my fastest, the Wilson Triad balls are an excellent option.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

At £39 per dozen they also come in a little cheaper than some of the premium balls, which means it’ll hurt slightly less when you lose one plugged in the rough.

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

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Wilson Triad Golf Ball

Wilson Triad Golf Ball - Product Details

UK LaunchFebruary 2022
UK Launch RRP£39
European LaunchFebruary 2022
European Launch RRP€45
Handicap Range
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

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