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The Wilson Staff D range is about providing distance with maximum forgiveness and now with the Wilson Staff D300 iron, the D part has been given a boost.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

This is because Wilson has brought over the FLX Face Technology first seen in the Wilson C200 irons to enable 76% of the face to be disconnected from the body of the iron.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

The thin face is surrounded by Power Holes that are filled with TE031 Urethane to enable this flexing to take place as well as providing a distinctive look.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

This provides real zip at impact and the feel was very good and when I compared the D300 6-iron on SkyTrak to the Wilson Staff D200 6-iron I was pleasantly surprised to see a big distance gain of around 6 yards.

Wilson D300 Irons

Now I should qualify this by saying that the D300 6-iron is 1° stronger at 26° than the D200.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

In addition, the D300s come with a KBS Tour 80 shaft that contributed to club feeling lighter than the D200, so that may account for the extra 1mph club head speed.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

My swing speed is probably higher than the mid to high handicapper that this is aimed at too, but I guess longer is longer and with a nice high flight this extra speed from whatever means will be a benefit. It certainly feels fast.

The Power Holes also give the D300 a dramatic look, which is maybe more familiar to me now after the C200, but it still brings out the 'I need to try this' feeling.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

At address the large head clearly shows the three Power Holes on top in a generous length head with a mid-sized top line. Behind the face is a pretty decent sized cavity and in the 5 and maybe the 6-iron it starts to show at address, which is not my thing, but may add confidence to some.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

Having the cavity with the weight low and back is what gives the D300 the launch and the forgiveness is helped by the two weight pods in the heel and toe of the club. These are just 60g of the same 17-4 Stainless Steel as the head rather than a denser material, so it is a little bit of a cosmetic illustration of what is going on, but the effect is there.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

The face is a generous size with a fairly rounded look around the toe area that you can also notice at address.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

The soles are the same generous width as before and the polished chrome centre section is slightly raised to give a bit of heel and toe relief and it goes through the grass very easily.

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

Overall the Wilson Staff D300 continues on from where the D200 left of and are a very good set of distance irons. The lighter feel and zip from the face are a joy to play with and combined with a competitive price are one of the best sets for higher handicaps who need that extra forgiveness.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Wilson Staff D300 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch10 February 2017
UK Launch RRP£579
USA Launch10 February 2017
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Swing WeightD2
Shaft NameKBS Tour 80 (steel), Matrix Rulz A-Type 54 (graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
GripWilson Staff Tour Traction
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional ClubsGW, SW
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

User Reviews

Kevin E.
March 2019

Mid-handicapper on my good days. These clubs give me more good days!!!! Got em' a few months back and managed to get out 3 times since my purchase (live in Utah - Jan/Feb not golf days). These clubs feel and hit as advertised. I am not a long hitter and these clubs have given me a boost there, while allowing me to keep my short game feel.

My first set of Wilson's (have been an Adams owner for quite a few years) and I'm loving them. I actually like the aesthetics, love the forgiveness and distance I now get. Yes, an adjustment because of the distance (PW was once my 100-110 club - now PW is my 120+ club). I love em'!

Chris W
July 2018

Had mine just over a year, traded up prevous Wilsons. I have have used this make of club most of my golfing life, starting way back with a full set, irons through woods, woods were woods back then, off Andy Bean. This set tick a lot of boxes for a 72 year old medium handicaper, nice high launch, forgiving head, soft landing, great accuracy, started the year at 15 knocked five strokes off that, thanks Wilson, and American Golf for the recommend.

May 2018

Bought these today. Amazing launch off the face and what a height. Was hitting the 8 iron 165 so it will take a bit of getting used to as the distances very strong and great for any handicap

January 2018

Hired these for €45 for a Spanish trip with mates, kept thinking for £50 I could've brought my own clubs on trip. (Mizuno MP-23) Saw them and thought bloody he'll they're ugly (I'm a delusional 18 handicapper btw). At first course we played I screamed the driver down middle, surprised 'cos sure hadn't connected well, only half a ball imprint showed on heel of face, I'd almost missed it (San Miguel perhaps) yet it went a long way. Believe me I have never hit a club irons or woods like this, it is near impossible to not get ball airborne and in right direction. I'm pretty skint so will probably have to wait until next year or the year after to purchase but honestly guarantee I will.

November 2017

Bought a set recently...wonderful!...great balance, good distance, awesome looks. Not sure why the first reviewer didnt like the looks?...I'm dating myself but as Tony the Tiger would say, "They're great!"....Wilson won me over Srixon and TaylorMade on this set.

Sold on the D300's
July 2017

I bought these at the start of the summer. My only complaint is, and I am being serious, is they hit the ball too far. I am not a long hitter, about average. But between the Flex face and the strong lofts, I am hitting a PW about 135 yards and the GW about 120. I had to add a separate gap wedge (51*) to my bag because the GW that comes with this set is 47. But they are long (it will shock you) and they are forgiving. I cannot recommend these enough, So easy to hit and get airborne. They provide good (not great) feel, but they can be tough to work the ball. But if you want long and forgiving, this is a set to try.

Paul cleaver
June 2017

Picked up my D300 this morning and played in the afternoon at the Forest of Arden

One word.

Brilliant .. I'm telling you they are THE best clubs I have ever had .

Fantastic to hit ..

All I say is before you take your shot .. align yourself .. take a long look at your point of hit .. and just let the club do the business and that's what I have done .. I'm telling I took at least 10 shots off my usual .. round of 18 ... 82. Where last week I was just under 100

Well chuffed .

Well done Wilson staff producing a stunning club .

April 2017

I am a one handicap player at 65 years old. I tell my friends I am playing cheater clubs. I don't need the forgiveness from these clubs but the distance has been a big factor in me choosing them. They are very easy to hit and with these clubs I can get my 150 8 iron like I have done the last 50 years. These clubs are so easy to hit I am not worried about my pride hitting what is called high handicapper clubs anymore. Why shouldn't I play the easiest and the best club for my game. Shot 69 from back tees the other day, nothing wrong with that by a 65 year old man. Easy to hit and long great clubs for any handicap.

April 2017

Easy to hit! The ball flights are straight and long . Great clubs for high handicappers. HC

February 2017

My son ordered the D300 demo irons, 4, 7 and 43 degree wedge. Ten bucks for two weeks. We've had them a week, and don't want to send them back. We want the rest of the set. They launch higher, fly further and straighter than we thought they would. These irons have exceeded our expectations.

February 2017

No matter how good it is, I come back to aesthetics. Sure some will like them but I just could not put them in my bag - too fussy and too many colours.

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