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When someone asks me about cavity back game improvement irons that offer good value for money then Wilson usually gets a mention.

They offer a variety of irons in their F-C-D range that are usually good looking and easy to play with. With the Wilson C100 irons, the C stood for Control, but now with the C200 irons it stands for Crossover.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

Wilson define this as a mid to high handicapper looking for a playable iron with a midsized head and that is exactly what you get with the C200.

What stands out right from the first time you pick them up is the appearance of the black TE031 Urethane material around the perimeter of the club that gives it a 'I have to hit these' dramatic look.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

These pockets of polymer represent the FLX Face where Wilson has cut away material so there are less contact points between the face and the body of the club.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

Apparently 76% of the face is not touching the chassis and the resulting 'Power Holes' allow it to flex more at impact to give a little more ball speed and hence distance.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

At address I really liked this look and right through the bag the impacts felt solid and light with a great sound. The whole hitting experience is hard to fault and as close to a forged feel as you are going to get from a cast, multi-material head.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

The cavity is reasonably generous, but is also nice and compact which hides the forgiveness and means you don't get any trailing edges visible at address in the longer irons.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

Even with the cavity, the C200 irons delivered just the right mid-trajectory you would expect. The sole widths play a little narrower than they look, which is not helped visually by the matte chrome finish in the middle, but they went through the turf very well regardless of the finish.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

The C200 irons have a rounded feel to them with every angle from the trailing edge to the top line featuring a subtle curve. As you went up the set the heads got progressively larger, but all delivered a great balance of feel, playability and forgiveness.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

At address it took me a while to figure out why they looked different and it is the curve of the sole, particularly towards the toe, that is greater than most other irons and gives that distinctive rounded shape. It didn't really affect the performance so it just was something visual to get used to.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

Keeping the club light is key in this category to generate more club head speed and the shafts really help with this. As standard the C200 irons comes with a quality KBS Tour 90 steel shaft which is light and responsive and suits the heads well.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons

In addition there is also an Aldila Rogue Pro graphite shaft option in three flexes for an extra £100 if anyone needs more help.

Wilson Staff C200 Irons Lofts

Overall it was hard to find anything to dislike about the Wilson C200 irons. They look distinctive and the performance, head size and feel right throughout the bag were very good.

In addition they are keenly priced, so if you are new to the game or counting the pennies then the Wilson C200 irons are one of the best value for money game improvement irons around.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Wilson Staff C200 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch05 January 2016
UK Launch RRP£499
USA Launch05 January 2016
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameKBS Tour 90 (Steel); Aldila Rogue Pro (Graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
GripLamkin Crossline Black
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs3, SW
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

User Reviews

Bob T
July 2018

I am a 58 year old 14.5 handicapper. I hit my stiff shaft driver 260-275. Bought these back in April 2018 as a closeout at PGA Superstore. Hit them in the demo bays and liked them enough to buy them. Replaced a set of Nike Vapor Speed irons with TT Dynalite 105 R flex shafts. I had tried stiff graphite in the past, but for my swing, they are far too inconsistent. I like steel a lot better. They are very smooth feeling, not jarring like some steel shafts. The C200s are much higher launching with the KBS Tour 90 R flex shafts, and since I have a high launch swing, these have lost a little bit of distance for me. Probably a 1/2 club in the middle of the set. The trade off is that they spin like crazy, so they will stick on the greens very nicely. Love the feel. Playing the 5-PW. Have the 4-GW set. Shelved the 4 iron as I have a Wilson D200 4 hybrid that I love, and a Wilson D100 3 hybrid that is my favorite club. The C200 gap wedge did not have enough feel around the greens for me when chipping, so I replaced it with a Cleveland RTX3 (not cavity back) 48 degree/8 bounce wedge that made a much better full swing and chipping club to match the 44 degree C200 pitching wedge. Overall quite happy, but wish I had the Dynalite 105 shafts in these heads. I think that would be the perfect combo. For the money, these are very hard to beat. Wilson is making a lot of really nice clubs that rival the big guys in terms of performance.

March 2018

Traded in my Callaway APEXs for this set. What a difference. Easy to hit. Good direction even on off-center hits. Seem to be a little longer. The short irons are SWEET! Just a good looking, simple set of irons for the mid-handicapper.

September 2017

Amazing clubs, straight and long. Wilson is back and as good or better than the popular brands at a far better price. Quality, top of the line shafts, and great design are yours if you are smart. Great clubs for Seniors who have lost some distance as well. Wilson is back!!!!

N. Serino
August 2017

Unbelievable performance and feel! Very happy C200 11 H- cap customer. After playing my Tailormade TP irons for four years. I was determined to play M1 irons because of their new technology. I reviewed them side by side with the Wilson staff C200 irons. The C200 irons in my hands outperformed the M1 irons. They have a thinner top line they have a better feel and most important they have a tremendous trampoline affect when you contact the ball. They seem to correct off-center hits and even a thin shot seems to get close to the target number. The 4 iron is a breeze to hit and gets nice hight. The C2 hundreds give a nice snap when you hit them. Many members at my club commented on both the nice sound and classic looks of the irons. If you're a high single or mid handicapper it's worthwhile to give these irons a look.

Golfer Kev
July 2017

Bought these in January this year, Best clubs I've ever played by far.
Feels like I'm playing with graphite shafts but I'm swinging the KBS steel shafts. A little longer on yardage then my TaylorMade RSi irons and the feel and sound is so much better. You can pick up a used set at a great price.

April 2017

Everything Mr. Hopley said in this review is accurate, these are outstanding irons. As a matter of fact, I shelved my Ping I25's in favor of these C200's.

April 2017

They are special clubs. I love my C200 about 1 club longer than my M2 irons.

November 2016

Had been using the Wilson D100 irons but decided it was time for an upgrade. I have to say I loved the D100's - long, straight and very forgiving - but I don't regret the change for one moment. The C200 is just as long but allows more workability without really sacrificing forgiveness too much. Very highly recommend. Giive these a try if you're thinking of new irons. Excellent value for money too.

July 2016

I bought the 5 iron down with graphite shaft (got fitted) and am extremely happy with them. Half a club longer but ball feels softer off the face. Good price too.

May 2016

Irons are hot yet accurate. I am on a trial demo and really like new graphite shafts. I wish hybrids were an option. That said, strongly considering ordering 6 iron down. Very confident hitting these irons, no fear straight, long, to the green. Give these a try.

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