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One category of golf equipment that Wilson Staff is renowned for is their irons, which have been used to win more majors than any other brand over every decade since the 1920's.

So you would expect them to draw on this heritage to get the Wilson Staff D200 irons right and I think they have.

Wilson D200 Irons

The D range is all about distance and forgiveness, something most major champions are OK for, but the rest of us could do with some help on.

Wilson D200 Irons

Compared to the previous D100 model, the D200 irons look a little larger at address, but it is a little bit of an optical illusion as the heads are the same size, but the grooves are fractionally wider towards the toe.

Wilson D200 Irons

The D200 irons feature the same large undercut cavity as before, but Wilson has made the bottom of the cavity where it joins the face thinner in order to let the face flex faster. They claim the CT is over 230, which is very high for an iron and almost the same as a driver.

Wilson D200 Irons

Like before, the cavity is so deep that you can see the trailing edge on the 6-iron upwards. I am not mad about this, but at least what you can see looks a little better than it did on the D100.

Wilson D200 Irons

Using this to create 2mph extra speed is all well and good, but irons are not about speed, they are about hitting the ball a fixed distance on a consistent basis. You need around 7 or 8 of them in sequence that cover a 100 yard range from around 90 yards upwards in equal gaps.

Wilson D200 Irons

Forgiveness also comes into this and they have taken the saved weight from the cavity and used it in two 'Weight Pods' placed in the heel and toe to minimise twisting on off centre strikes and increase the MOI by 5% over the D100.

Wilson D200 Irons

The forgiveness was pretty good, but certainly shots that came out of the generous sweetspot generally flew higher and better than those from further out. Low strikes were good, but the extreme heel and toe strikes did not receive as much forgiveness as I thought they would.

The flight was mid to high, although not as high as I expected, but the feel and sound were very good for a game improvement cast iron.

I do like the raised centre section on the sole of the D200, which is narrower than the D100 and skips through the turf very easily and should improve the playability for a lot of players.

Wilson D200 Irons

The lofts are quite strong and the review set of 5 to SW I tested resulted in a huge gap between the PW at 43° and the SW at 55°, so the 47° GW is a must buy.

Wilson D200 Irons

Usually in these chunky iron designs, the short irons don't really get with the program, but the D200 SW was one of the best I have come across in this category of iron. It played with a reasonable level of bounce from tight lies and was good enough from the sand for most players to get by with it rather than avoid it.

The D200 irons come with a uniflex True Temper steel shaft that is stable and will suit most levels of golfer, as well as a graphite shaft option too.

Wilson D200 Irons

If it sounds like I am being a bit harsh on the D200 irons, then I apologise as most comments are just niggly things. Take a step back and look at the overall package and the D200 irons are a very easy to hit, well made game improvement irons that give good forgiveness, distance, sound and feel.

But the best thing is they are one of the cheapest sets around so in terms of value for money and playability I have no hestation in recommending them to anyone starting out or improving into a mid-handicap.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Wilson Staff D200 Irons - Product Details

UK LaunchFebruary 2015
UK Launch RRP£349
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Swing WeightD2
Shaft NameTrue Temper SL 85 (Steel), UST Mamiya Chrome Elements (Graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Uniflex
GripWilson Staff Tour Traction
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs4, GW, SW
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

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User Reviews

James Steele
June 2018

Picked these clubs over a lot of others. I searched for months before buying a set of irons. I’m 28 and I play pretty regularly and these were a huge improvement to my game. I previously used TaylorMade Burner 2.0 and the Wilson Staff has out done them so far! I’d recommend them to anyone!

Roger Poirier
June 2018

Bought set of D200 with graphite shafts. Love them, very playable.

February 2018

Just ordered a set after hitting them recently. Cannot wait to play a round now. They just feel like irons you can trust.

January 2018

My last set of clubs was Taylormade speed blades! It took me awhile to learn how to hit them? When I tried the Wilson Staff D200 irons I loved them! They are so easy to play with. They set up better than my other set! If you are looking for new irons check into these clubs.

Jeff Hines
September 2017

I bought Callaway Apex irons fitted and didn't do great. I hit my friend's Wilson Staff D200 8 iron one time one ball and went out and bought a set off the rack no fitting! Best irons I've ever had by far. All aspects are great. No more fittings and spending a lot of money. I'm shooting in the 70's all the time now with these clubs. I'm looking to buy a sand wedge to match the set. I bought the true temper shaft stiff.

July 2017

I laid off the game for over thirty years--yes, that's right. I'm 64 now, and my last set of irons was Wilson Staff X-31s. I loved them back when I was a teenager and in my early twenties. They were pretty much top-of-the-line at the time. Of course, now that I feel somewhat healthier, I wanted to get back to the game I so loved back when. My fifty year old clubs were rusted and rotted, so I needed to buy a new set. When I found out the price for the D200s, I jumped at a brand new 2015 set, then one year old, but I got them for a very good price (Plus, I now have exactly what I always wanted and needed: stiff shafts, jumbo grips, extra length). I couldn't be more happy, especially after trying out competing brand after more expensive brand. I hit these better than I ever did back when (Of course, that's got nothing to do with scoring on my part; that'll come later on). I highly recommend these clubs.

April 2017

I was playing with Infiniti TS12 Blades and did not want to go to cavity back "game improvement" club, but don't get to play often and over 50 so decided to try. I went in to try out some and much like the review above, tried all the standard Taylormade, Mizuno, Ping etc and was underwhelmed - especially for the price. The golf fitter handed me the D200 and told me to not look but just hit. And after about 8 swings I bought them. This was last July, and that does not give a lot of golf season left living in Wyoming. I was impressed with them from the start, but now that I have had a winter to work on my swing indoors, I have now taken them out and can say never felt a more secure in recommending a set of clubs. I am a 7 handicap but see that going down due to the D200s. It took me all these years but I can say I am glad I finally switched from my blades and feel dumb it took so long. This is an excellent set of clubs and unbelievably priced for the value.

February 2017

Having returned to golf after 18 years of not playing I was looking for a cheaper entry level of clubs (just in case I was not going to be competitive). Having being allocated a 33 handicap it has taken me 10 months but am now playing off a 21. These D200 still manage to surprise me and are a very reliable and forging set of clubs.

February 2017

Good dependable clubs. Short and simple. Easy to hit and good distance.

December 2016

Went to American golf to get fitted, had a set of Taylormade Rocketbladz and was going to get the shafts extended. After trying various 7 Irons (Ping, Mizuno, & Nike) and not being to impressed he gave me a D200, but told me don't look at what club it is. First strike felt very nice and I said that sounded good. After 6 hits I was sold on this and the club was the D200 which I was hitting around 180yrds and straight. I got 5-SW for £300 and added the putter for an extra £20. Great clubs and I will shave at least 5 shots off my handicap. Well worth a try.

December 2016

I have knocked off 8 strokes after just one years play with my D200's and haven't got used to them yet. These are an awesome club!

October 2016

Great distance, lovely sound and forgiving on mishits. Tried Ping, 2 sets of Mizuno and the D200's in shop. All the others were used and D200 were brand new. Excellent value for money. I had a new set, D200 hybrid with a second hand driver for just over 400 in american golf.

August 2016

I tried the irons out yesterday and was very impressed. I play a forged club now and I play to a 7 handicap. The Wilson's were at least 10 yards longer comparing iron to iron, easier to hit high and went straight. I am buying a set this weekend.

August 2016

I used to be a 3-4 handicap. I do not play as much as I would like anymore but in my head I am still that lower handicap player. These irons validate that. They just arrived last night and I took the 5 iron and PW along with me to try. The lofts are strong, glad I have the GW. It took a few looks at address to get use to the club head, but I'm sold. The ball flight is a tad higher than what I wanted (I have a steep swing to begin with) but I'll adjust to the soft landings.

June 2016

I tested a 6 iron graphite shaft at the range yesterday and was impressed in the repeat control hit after hit - 160 - 190 yards. Came off the toe twice and still produced a 90 yard shot.

April 2016

I just tried them at our club demo day yesterday. I was interested in the more expensive C200's but found the D200 to outperform for me. The clubs are very light and easy to hit. I put an average of over 10 yards on my current Taylor Made 8 iron.

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