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Anyone who takes up golf will quickly learn that it is about the most expensive game you can play. Clubs, membership, a bag, balls, gloves, shoes. None of it comes cheap.

Clothing is also not exempt from this. With waterproof prices stretching into the hundreds of pounds, it's a real commitment if you want to be properly kitted out every time you tee it up.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

So does it make a difference? To find out, we're going to focus on the most basic bit of clothing that every golfer will need, every time they play - the polo shirt.

We got our hands on two of the latest offerings from sportswear giants Under Armour, as worn by Jordan Spieth and Matt Fitzpatrick, who use the latest and greatest technologies to create products which look and perform great.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

The Test

I headed down to Stockport Golf Club in the midsummer sunshine for 36 holes of golf.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

The plan was to try and discover whether you would be better served to stump up the extra cash for these featured-filled polos, or go for something cheap and cheerful.

UA Vanish Drive Polo Shirt

The Under Armour Vanish Drive Polo is made with the brand's Microthread technology which dries extremely quickly, removing moisture almost instantly for 'zero-distraction' performance.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

It has a four-way stretch construction for easy mobility on any shot, and the ultra-lightweight fabric also won't cling or rub despite not absorbing sweat, providing great comfort throughout the round.

UA Iso-Chill Power Play Polo Shirt

The Iso-Chill fabric in this polo shirt is designed to disperse your body heat so that cool air can replace it, leaving you feeling much more comfortable out on the course.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

The fabric itself actually feels a little cool to the touch whilst the yarn fibres inside are doing their thing. There's also an anti-odour technology which Under Armour says prevents the growth of odour-causing microbes, which could come in handy...

Under Armour 2019 Polo Shirts Review

When the weather starting to heat up in the early afternoon, I was very glad to have the moisture-wicking technology of the Vanish Drive polo working well to keep me cool. This is where the lightweight build of the polo shirts really come into their own, as they feel almost like a second-skin for a really comfortable fit.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

I preferred the Iso-Chill's texture rather than the slightly thicker, silkier feel of the microthread technology of the Vanish Drive. However, if you're a little more of a traditionalist then you may feel that the Iso-Chill feels a little 'papery', so it's worth getting your hands on them first wherever possible to make sure you're happy.

Whilst temperatures were not blistering it was well into the twenties, and I was definitely glad that I was not wearing a cotton polo shirt which feel heavier and seem to absorb moisture, as well as being more likely to rub or become uncomfortable.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

I also found that the shirts I tried seemed to fit well too, being the right length and tightness to allow both freedom to swing properly without feeling baggy. I appreciate that the 'muscle-fit' look which has gained popularity over the last few years may not suit everyone, but these aren't skin-tight and so I think they would be more than suitable for the majority of golfers.

Under Armour 2019 Polo Shirts Verdict

As a 22 year-old, I have grown up with polo shirts of this texture and feel for pretty much all of my golfing life, so they are definitely my preferred style.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

But not only do I think they look good, they also perform well too. Yes, you do have to pay a little more, but for that you get a shirt which is extremely comfortable and which really works to keep you cool during those warm days. Under Armour initially started out creating undershirts for American College Football players using similar materials to compression shorts, so creating a golf polo shirt should be pretty straightforward for them in comparison.

There's nothing worse than being hot and sticky out on the course and the Vanish Drive and Iso-Chill do a really good job of wicking the moisture away so that you feel fresh throughout the round.

Under Armour 2019 Polos

There are also a wide variety of different styles and colour combinations available to suit nearly all golfers, so if you are lucky enough to play in warm conditions, then the Under Armour polo shirts should definitely be considered.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Under Armour Vanish Drive Polo Shirt Clothing

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