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About Under Armour

Under Armour was formed in 1996 when a 23-year-old former University American Football player Kevin Plank realised there must be a better clothing solution to the cotton T-shirts that became sweat soaked day after day in practice.

Plank researched the benefits of synthetic fibres which led to the Under Armour HeatGear T-Shirt. This used moisture-wicking performance fibres to keep athletes cool and dry in even the hottest conditions.

Under Armour moved into golf after providing polo shirts made from this material for University football coaches, who ended up telling the company that they played golf in them all the time. The company recognised a potential new market and moved into the sport.

Since then they have made a range of golf specific products, including base or compression layers, shirts, trousers, outerwear and golf shoes. They now sponsor a number of high profile players, most notably Jordan Spieth.