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Following on from the success of the Project (a) ball TaylorMade has extended the range with a softer version not surprisingly called the Project (s).

TaylorMade Project (s) 2018 Golf Ball

Given the seemingly magic properties of the word 'soft' in the ball market these days, I am a little surprised that the full word is not in the name, but the might of the TaylorMade marketing machine will ensure that everyone knows about it.

Essentially the Project (s) is the same construction as the (a) but with a softer compression of 60 and an ionomer cover instead of a urethane one.

TaylorMade Project (s) 2018 Golf Ball

This matters with covers as urethane tends to be on premium balls as it generates bit more spin control on shorter shots, but it is more expensive.

TaylorMade Project (s) 2018 Golf Ball

Certainly compared to the (a) around the greens, the Project (s) not only sounded and felt softer, but it tended to run out a little more which may reduce the amount of control you have.

However it means that you will have £1.25 per ball extra in your pocket compared to the (a) and this could be good value as the Project (s) gave better control than most other balls in this sector, so it is worth comparing against other soft balls in this price range.

Compared to (a) on GC2 the lower spin and higher flight of the Project (s) gave a couple more yards of distance with a 7-iron and across the full range of shots that I hit, the spin rate was also more consistent too.

TaylorMade Project (s) 2018 Golf Ball

With the driver the softer nature of the ball revealed itself for and the spin actually went up and took a few yards off compared to the 2018 Project (a).

TaylorMade Project (s) 2018 Golf Ball

However it was about the same as the 2016 Project (a) and really it is designed for a more moderate swing speed than my 103mph with a driver, so at those lower speeds the extra launch and spin might close the gap between the (a) and (s).

This price point is also about colours and finishes, so as well as the usual double numbers of 00, 11, 22 and 33, you can get the Project (s) in gloss white now, with matt orange and matt yellow to follow in May 2018.

TaylorMade Project (s) 2018 Golf Ball

The matt colours are interesting and when you put them next to a gloss ball they look larger, probably because you can't make out the dimples, so if you need a bigger target to aim at then these could be the answer.

TaylorMade Project (s) 2018 Golf Ball

As a soft feeling, low price point ball then the Project (s) really is one of the best out there as it combines both these attributes with a bit of control and good distance off driver and irons, so they are worth checking out.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Ball

TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch01 April 2018
UK Launch RRP£24.99
USA Launch01 April 2018
USA Launch RRP$24.99
European Launch01 April 2018
European Launch RRP€30
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite, Yellow, Orange
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

User Reviews

Darrell Fowler
July 2018

Tried Chrome Soft first then a friend who i get shag balls from had some in the bucket and so I put them in my bag. After one round Chrome Soft's came out of my bag. I now use them and also the Volvik Vivid matte yellow and both give about the same result but the Taylormade Project (S) has a better price point vivid come to me used that is the only way I can afford them. So if I am going to buy balls the (S) is the one I buy.

June 2018

Put the Taylormade Project (s) in the bag for the first time today in yellow. Am a 14 handicap golfer who drives and putts well but my irons and chipping let me down. These were so easy to launch off the tee and felt nice and soft as for my iron shots. The lower compression seemed to suit me. I play at St Annes Old Links; so any slightly wayward shot, or an unlucky bounce, means you are looking in the long grass for your ball. The high visibility yellow though, made them really easy to find which was an unexpected plus. I didn't find that they rolled out too much either on chip shots. Have tried RX-S and Tour Soft but will be using these for rest of this season. Recommend you buy a box of 3 and give them a try.

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