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We are now on the 3rd generation of the TaylorMade Project (a) ball and it is one of the most successful products they have done with over 2 million dozen sold to date. Even they can't sell that many drivers.

TaylorMade Project (a) 2018 Golf Ball

The 2016 Project (a) was one of our favourites so it is pleasing to see that most things have not changed too much.

It is still the same 3-piece ball with 70 compression and a 322 dimple, seamless cast urethane cover, which is unusual for a ball in the mid-price category and provides better control.

However TaylorMade has tweaked the core of the ball to make the centre softer at 25 compression and the outer layer firmer in order to improve the speed as the extra energy created by the centre is retained by the outer core.

TaylorMade claim that the Project (a) is now at the maximum legal speed of 250 feet/second so I thought I would check it out by comparing it to the 2016 version.

TaylorMade Project (a) 2018 Golf Ball

On GC2 with a 7-iron I was seeing a 1mph increase in ball speed and a 600rpm drop in spin between the 2018 Project (a) and the previous model and that saw a 4 yard gain, which is impressive.

TaylorMade Project (a) 2018 Golf Ball

With the driver, I got the same 1mph gain in ball speed and combined with 300rpm drop in spin also saw a four yard gain.

TaylorMade Project (a) 2018 Golf Ball

There seemed to be a lower peak height with the driver, whereas with the iron it was the same, so you should get a little more run as well.

These numbers were pretty impressive and shows how the internal makeup of the ball can have a big effect on spin, launch and distance.

Around the green the 2018 Project (a) sounds a little softer than the 2016 model but seemed to have a little more greenside check on chips. With the putter it was pretty similar so if you liked the benefits of Project (a) before, you will like them more now.

You still get the same double numbers as before of 00, 11, 22 and 33 and now you can have them on a yellow ball as well, which is good to see.

TaylorMade Project (a) 2018 Golf Ball

Personally I preferred the sound of the 2016 ball, but of course the performance gains of the 2018 Project (a) mean that I would happily get used to it. This is one of the balls to beat again in the mid-market so I would urge you to go and get used to it too.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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TaylorMade Project (a) 2018 Golf Ball

TaylorMade Project (a) 2018 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch16 February 2018
UK Launch RRP£39.99
USA Launch16 February 2018
USA Launch RRP$34.99
European Launch16 February 2018
European Launch RRP€45
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelMedium
Colour OptionsWhite, Yellow
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

User Reviews

September 2018

I found a TM Project (a) ball recently and played with it for a trial 18 holes. As someone who has played Pro V1 for as long as I can remember it was somewhat of a surprise at the superb performance of this ball. I did not expect the extra length, piercing ball flight yet good control around the greens, so much so in fact that I bought a dozen to try over a longer trial as a potential replacement to Pro V1 which I am excited about. Worth a try and with a price point some 25% lower than premium balls nothing to lose.

August 2018

I found a 2018 Project (a) golf ball and played 18 holes with it yesterday! Wow! The distance was great and the feel excellent! I’d bought and used the 2016 Project (a) ball. I’m a big fan of it, too! I’ll be buying the 2018 model, too!

July 2018

Wow. I am normally a Pro V1 player, but I got a free sleeve of these at a scramble and played the scramble with the Project (a). I played really well and the ball seemed to go straighter for me than a Pro V1. So I tried another one of them in a real round. I shot the lowest score of my life. These balls actually do fly much straighter for me than a Pro V1 and they still are soft on the greens, just like a Pro V1. I’m switching to the Project (a). I truly believe these were designed specifically to help amateur players, like me and every other average Joe.

July 2018

I believe this is one of the BEST golf balls on the market. I’ve never been as happy with a golf ball as I am with the 2018 Project (a)...The extra driver distance and wedge spin I’m getting is very noticeable for a mid-handicapper. I really hope Taylormade doesn’t change this ball, EVER! Try it...I guarantee you’ll like it!

June 2018

This is the best Taylormade ball I have played since the TP Black and that includes the TP5. I have gained an average of 5 yards with my irons and closer to 10 yards in carry with my driver and fairway woods. I am a high ball hitter and the Project (a) has given me a more piercing ball flight. Very impressive and my current go to ball over the Pro V1s and Snell MTB Black.

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