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As the name suggests, the Qi10 Max is the largest, and most forgiving rescue in TaylorMade's new range for 2024.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

The brand have been known for their rescues since the release of the Rescue Mid almost twenty years ago, and this year's Qi10 line features three different options to help golfers bridge the gap between their long irons and metal (or carbon) woods, providing a stress-free option at the top end of the bag.

I've been testing this club for the last couple of weeks and I think it's one of the easiest-to-hit hybrids we'll see this year.

Who Is It Aimed At?

The Max has the biggest footprint of the three Qi10 rescues and is aimed predominantly at golfers who prioritise launch and forgiveness over distance and workability, with a large and friendly-looking head and CG placement that is low in the head.

If you struggle to get the ball up in the air and want something that's going to fill you with plenty of confidence when you stand over it, the Qi10 Max could be for you.

The Tech

The Qi10 Max features a new, larger Carbon Crown which is designed to free up mass, allowing TaylorMade to move weight lower in the head for lower CG and more forgiveness. The crown also features a new advancer laser alignment, said to make aiming easier than ever.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

More weighting has been added to the perimeter of the clubhead and this, combined with the low CG, promotes high launch, more carry distance and enhanced forgiveness.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

It's available in lofts right up to 35 degrees, making it an option for golfers who struggle to hit their long irons and want to find the green more often on par 3s and longer par 4s.

The Qi10 range also includes a number of existing TaylorMade technologies built to improve performance. The V Steel sole is said to improve turf interaction and versatility, whilst the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket helps to keep up ball speeds on strikes that are low on the face.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

Twist Face technology uses corrective face angles which are designed to straighten up golfers' ball flights when they don't strike it out of the centre.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

Looks and Feel

Compared to the Qi10 Rescue, which I tested earlier this week, the Qi10 Max has a much larger footprint which sits nicely behind the ball and provides plenty of confidence.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

The club head is quite round which almost makes it look like a high-lofted fairway wood - it probably won't suit everyone's eye at address so it's definitely worth getting this club into your hands and looking at it for yourself before you make any decisions.

As I said in my review of the standard Qi10 Rescue, I did prefer the matte finish of the original Stealth range but the overall look is still very smart, with the red of the Stealth being replaced with more of a navy finish this year.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

You get a relatively loud, reassuring sound and feel when you strike it, and the club just feels so easy to hit and swing with confidence.


I headed down to Hukd Golf to test the Qi10 Max using the GC Hawk launch monitor, and the performance definitely seemed to back up TaylorMade's claims.

The main thing I took away was just how easy it was to get the ball up in the air, even on strikes that were low on the face the ball was still flying well with a high ball flight. The peak height of 33 yards was about 3 yards higher on average than the standard Qi10 Rescue.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

Both my spin rates and ball speeds did jump around a little bit, but there was only about 10 yards between my shortest and longest carries which was pretty impressive. An average carry of 192 yards is pretty good for me with a 22 degree hybrid, and is just a couple of yards less than the standard Qi10 which is less focused on launch and forgiveness.

TaylorMade say that the Qi10 Max is designed to produce a higher launch than the other models in the range and this is definitely something that I saw from my launch monitor testing, with an average launch angle of 17.2 degrees compared to just 14.3 degrees with the standard Qi10.

Out on the course, I found that the club was just as good from the tee as it was on approach shots from the fairway and rough. The V Steel sole made it really easy to keep the club head moving through the turf and this only improved the forgiveness levels.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

Like on the launch monitor I saw plenty of height when testing on the course, from a variety of different lies, so if you struggle to get the ball up into the air this could be a great option.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Verdict

Last year I tested the Ping G430 Hybrid and came away thinking that it was the best all-round hybrid on the market. That might still be the case, but I think the Qi10 Max wins the prize for the most forgiving.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

Everything from the large footprint to the ease with which it launches, and the performance you get on mis-strikes across the face was so impressive.

An RRP of £269 is about the going rate these days but it is marginally cheaper than Callaway's Paradym Ai Smoke Max which is a bonus too, and for that you're getting a club which really performs. If you need more help at the top end of your bag, this club is a must-try.

Would I Use It?

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

I loved how easy this club was to hit, and how straight and high it flew, but I think I preferred the slightly smaller profile of the Qi10 along with the extra ball speed and distance it felt like I could get when struck well.

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Pros & Cons

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Review

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Hybrid

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch02 February 2024
UK Launch RRP£269
European Launch02 February 2024
European Launch RRP€329
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts20°, 23°, 27°
Right Handed Lofts20°, 23°, 27°, 31°, 35°
Shaft NameFujikura Speeder NX TCS
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Stiff
GripLamkin Crossline 360
Number/Loft3/20°, 4/23°, 5/27°, 6/31°, 7/35°
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

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